What’s Next After Google Optimize? We Have the Blueprint For the Road Ahead!

10 short emails. 10 days. Here’s what you get:

  • ✅ Video guide to make sense of vendor comparison tables
  • ✅ Questions you should ask A/B testing vendors
  • ✅ Script to secure funding for a paid tool
  • ✅ 4 steps to a solid data foundation, post-GO migration
  • ✅ 6 (IMPORTANT) tips to optimize your optimization
  • ✅ Concrete advice to transition from CRO into experimentation
**Only 10 emails, no more, no less!
3D-resources GO sunset course

Featuring Convert & Independent Content By:

Jeremy Epperson
Jeremy Epperson
Ben Labay
Ben Labay
Deborah O'Malley
Deborah O'Malley
Ryan Levander
Ryan Levander
John Ostrowski
John Ostrowski

Why Isn’t This Ungated?

We love ungated content.

We could throw everything in this blueprint on a page and call it a day.

But -- we don’t want to add to the noise.

The emails in this drip sequence will deliver - in no more than a few paragraphs each - what you need to know to make progress right away.

Think of it as your Google Optimize sunset super power.

Read… move on… get the work done.

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**Commit to experimentation

Keys You’ll Find In the Blueprint:

Ability to call bull on vague vendor comparison tables! (We are passionate about this).

Ability to ask the right questions and not get trapped in potentially expensive contracts (You don’t want to vendor shop, repeatedly).

Ability to demonstrate the value of experimentation and secure funding for your tool.

Knowing the 3 steps to stop letting skewed data pollute future tests.

Ability to evolve from mere CRO into experimentation.

Get Blueprint
**Commit to experimentation

We Are a Vendor. Hesitant to Sign Up?

We may be an A/B testing vendor, but we do not play when it comes to educating our space. Even if you never trial Convert Experiences -- you will find a whole lot of value in this mini course. Both during and after the sunset.

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**Only 10 emails, no more, no less!

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