What is Split Testing?

Split testing is a method of proving an hypothesis by using a Z-test to distribute web traffic between two or more variations of a website, web page, landing page, group of pages or mobile app.

When asking ‘What is Split Testing?’ we can answer that Split testing tools use existing, but different web pages, and software (like Convert Experiences) that randomly assigns a different visitor to each page (or URL). When the original URL is loaded, a fast redirect prevents the visitor from seeing it, and they see only the variation. Measuring the actions from that moment onward allows analysts to measure the impact on KPI / goals by measuring the conversion rate.

The Best Split Testing Tools

The best split testing tools come in three categories: low (free), mid-range, and enterprise budgets.

  • Low: Google Analytics Content Experiments is our favorite free A/B testing tools in this category.
  • Mid-range: These are tools that don’t break the bank and are professional enough for agencies, e-commerce and online marketers with web traffic between 100,000 and 1 million unique users (UUs) or unique visitors (UVs) a month. Visual Website Optimizer and Convert Experiences (at 30%-40% less expensive) are recommended. ().
  • Top-range: In this category, Adobe Target and Sitespect have plenty to offer, with a complete suite for enterprises. Both are more than $250,000USD/year investments and we recommend using in traffic ranges over 500 million UVs or UUs.

Why Use Split Testing Tools?

A/B split testing software is one of the best investments a company can make to help increase the conversion rate of the landing pages and for e-commerce. A/B testing software assists businesses with:

  • Test Content (text and images)
  • Test Styles (using variations of CSS, for example)
  • Test Flows (change flow of the website)

What can A/B split testing software do for your business?

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