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Optimizely Alternatives: Top A/B Testing Platforms to Consider for 2021

27th Oct 2020 – Cut Your A/B testing expense with Convert and other Optimizely Alternatives

If you are like me and most CROs and CMOs, SaaS tools are like shiny diamonds that attract us with the promise of riches in the currency of increased conversions with the bonus of making our jobs easier.  

But two problems exist:

  1. Not every shining diamond is authentic.
  2. We are already carrying a big bag of diamonds (aka, SaaS products) and to fit another diamond in our satchel it needs to be so good it forces us to swap one of our diamonds for a new hunk of Bling. 

Sometimes switching is ideal. But it takes some analysis to determine if this is the case. 

Take the A/B testing tool Optimizely, a high-priced player in the experimentation world — can you replace it with another SaaS diamond that will fit better into your marketing strategy and budget?  

With the recent acquisition of Optimizely by Episerver and the current state of the world, CRO communities are investigating Optimizely alternatives.  

This article will break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of Optimizely, and explore 9 Optimizely alternatives including: 

  1. Convert
  2. Kameleoon
  3. OmniConvert
  4. VWO 
  5. Convertize 
  6. Apptimize
  7. Google Optimize
  8. AB Tasty

Who is Optimizely? 

Optimizely is an A/B testing software and experimentation platform geared towards developers, CRO specialists, and marketers to run a variety of experiments. 

It is a monster of a tool, sophisticated, with a price tag to match. 

But for many, it is too much. Too many features that go unused and a cost that businesses just can’t justify.

If you can relate to the previous statement, you will be happy to see the list of Optimizely competitors that rival this Goliath in features and benefits, and protects your budget.

Optimizely Pros and Cons

Optimizely is the granddaddy of A/B testing.

We see what individual CROs have to say about Optimizely, but what do Optimizely formal reviews look like on the top aggregated rating sites like G2, TrustRadius, Software Advice, Capterra? Here is the breakdown for each…

Optimizely G2C Rating: 4.3 out of 5 ☆  

Optimizely TrustRadius Rating: 8.6 out of 10 ☆ 

Optimizely Software Advice Rating: 4.5 out of 5 ☆

Optimizely Capterra Rating: 4.6 out of 5 ☆  

Optimizely performance is solid, but the price is prohibitive. Not only is it expensive, but they force you to commit to a yearly plan.

Price: Not transparent

Is Optimizely only for big companies, not small or startup companies?
Question from Reddit forum about Optimizely pricing
How much does Optimizely cost? There pricing is not publicized on their website, however, Convert provides a comparative look base on insider knowledge
Optimizely pricing is not transparent. To help CROs get an idea of what Optimizely pricing looks like comparatively, Convert created a full breakdown of Optimizely Alternative

In addition, EpiServer, a content management company, has recently acquired Optimizely.   

There is a lot of chatter in the CRO community about this recent development.  

What does this mean for Optimizely and Optimizely users?

In the CRO trenches, a conversation about Optimizely being acquired
In the CRO trenches, a conversation about Optimizely being acquired (from CXL FB Group)

Now that you know everything there is to know about Optimizely, let’s look at its alternatives. But first, let’s see why people consider switching A/B testing tools and show how to make a rational comparison.

Why Do Testers Switch Tools?

Have you ever had a nasty breakup?  

It’s happened to all of us. Unfortunately, it also happens with the SaaS tools we use. 

Here are a few reasons:

  • Change in pricing. 
  • A decline in service. Or maybe the customer support lack from the beginning.
In the CRO trenches, conversation about Optimizely's support
In the trenches CRO conversation about Optimizely’s support (from CXL FB Group)
  • Buggy.
  • You outgrow the service. Or with many Optimizely customers, they realize the service is too big for them.
  • Poor support. 

Sometimes it is not the tester at all who changes the tool, rather it is a decision made by the C-Suite, CMO, or lead CRO. There are several questions always lurking in the background regarding SaaS tools. Here are a few using A/B testing software as an example:

  • Is this A/B tool giving us the ROI we desire?
  • Is this tool supporting the optimization of our testing program?
  • Does the brand of the tool reflect the image of our brand in a positive light? 
  • Does this make the job of our team easier with better reporting and seamless use of the system?
  • Does the tool add to your Unique Selling Proposition?

Thinking about switching?

The best way to check out a tool is by exploring it. Get full access to Convert for 15-days for free. A/B test, check out all our integrations and see why so many optimizers chose Convert as an Optimizely alternative.

It’s Not Always An Easy Road: What You Can Expect When You Switch A/B Testing Tools?

I wish I could say switching tools were always simple. It is not. 

In the best cases, it can be. 

In the worst case, it’s a nightmare and you wish you could run back to the old diamond that you traded-in. 

It’s not just technical. Good, bad, or indifferent, you develop a relationship with the A/B testing tools you use. You get into a rhythm. You know how to navigate them; you understand exactly how to customize a test to your needs; you are on a first-name basis with the customer support team, and the company even sends you cool swag. 

It is easy to become invested in the tools you use. And by definition, the nature of change (even change for the better) offers friction.  

However, knowing the potential roadblocks and planning for them can make your transition easier. So here are a few to consider:

  • New Learning Curve: Onboarding.
    Once you commit to making a switch, don’t wait until you completely change A/B testing platforms to learn the new tool. Flirt with it. Watch videos. See how your peers are using the tool for success.

    Prepping and creating a clear learning path can help reduce the number of eaten billable hours during set-up. 

The best way to check out a tool is by exploring it. Get full access to Convert for 15-days for free. A/B test, check out all our integrations and see why so many optimizers chose Convert as an Optimizely alternative.

  • Replicating Integrations
    More than likely you are going to want to replicate the same integrations you used with your other A/B testing solutions.
  • New, Different, or Unavailable Features
    Sometimes improvements affect the product negatively. Maybe it is not a “bad” change, however, the change may inadvertently affect your usage.  

How to Compare Optimizely Alternatives 

Reasons people choose one experimentation platform over another are dynamic and custom to the needs, cultures, and goals of your company. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself: 

  • What do you need in an A/B testing tool?
  • Head-to-head, what tool offers the most value? Can you calculate the ROI of one A/B testing tool against another? 
  • What company will give your team the support they need to become better CROs, developers, and help you cultivate a better culture of experimentation?
  • What are must-have features, what are optional features? You can actually break this down into a table.
Determine your must-have and wish list features to compare alternative A/B testing solutions.
Determine your must-have and wish list features to compare alternative
A/B testing solutions.

Many of these features come standard in most representable A/B testing software. 

However, features like Flicker Reduction and Hypothesis generation tools are gold. They alleviate two common issues that crop up when A/B Testing: 

  1. The problem of flicker, which is when the original version is shown to visitors before the variation. Flicker sabotages your results and can frustrate your traffic. And, 
  2. Standardizing your ability to create credible hypotheses that convert to big learning and lifts.

The Idea Library is one of Optimizely’s most popular features. It’s a cure for blank page syndrome by providing users with ideas and suggestions. However, as popular as this feature is, it can be counterproductive, pulling your team away from creating based on internal data and goals, rather they model generic templates.

Now you are armed with a framework to compare, here are 8 Optimizely alternatives to consider. 

Top 8 Optimizely Alternatives

1. Convert Experiences

Convert is a robust, cost efficient Optimizely Alternative
Convert is a robust, cost efficient Optimizely alternative

Convert is a progressive business that has produced a robust A/B testing tool.  

Price: Plans redefine Enterprise testing by starting at $799/month.  

Trial: 15-day, all-access pass to Convert Experiences software. No Credit card required. 

G2 Rating: 4.7 out of 5 ☆

Review of Convert Experience on G2
Review of Convert Experience on G2

Features: A/B testing, Multivariate testing, Split URL testing, Anti-flicker, Low barrier to get started, ideal for agencies, run unlimited test and variations, onboarding training, see all features and benefits

Bonus: Convert is also a conscious business, socially driven to create a sustainable, ethical world.  

Head-to-head comparison of Convert Experiences against Optimizely Web

For a full comparison, download a complete guide analyzing A/B testing tools.

2. Kameleoon

Optimizely Alternatives A/B Testing Software

Kameleoon’s technology includes A/B testing and personalization that include features like segmentation, customer behavior tracking. They have AI personalization that allow real-time personalizations to be calculated and adjustments displayed.  

Price: Pricing is not transparent. You must reach out to Kameleoon.  

G2 Rating: 4.7 out of 5 ☆

3. OmniConvert

Optimizely Alternatives

OmniConvert specializes in A/B testing for optimization for large e-commerce companies. Using their automation, hundreds of tests can run simultaneously on product pages. They even have special features to increase retention, including customer surveys. This tool looks to optimize the complete customer experience.

Price:  Offers a free plan with paid plans starting at $324/month.

G2 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 ☆ 

4. VWO

Optimizely Alternatives

Price:  Starts at $199/month

G2 Rating: 4.1 out of 5 ☆ 

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is another big player in the A/B testing space. With multiple products focused on conversion rate optimization. In addition to a/b testing, VWO also includes session recordings and surveys. 

5. Convertize

Optimizely Alternatives

Convertize is an A/B testing software that makes it easy for non-coders to test with confidence. Per their website, their hybrid statistics and Autopilot feature “actively manages traffic and maximizes conversions.”  

Price: Starting at $49 for 20,000 visitors a month 

G2 Rating:  4.0 out of 5 ☆ 

6. Apptimize

Optimizely Alternatives

As the name implies, Apptimize is an A/B testing tool built with a focus on apps — mobile and web apps — and is designed for product teams. If your team has a specific focus on testing apps, Apptimize is a tool for you.

Price:  Must contact Apptimize to get pricing

G2 Rating: 4.2 out of 5 ☆ 

7. Google Optimize

Optimizely Alternative

With Google Optimize, you can A/B test all the elements on your website. It has a unique feature called Analytics Audience and is strong with integration and of course works well with other Google products including GA and Google Ads. Their big sister, Optimize 360 allows you to install a Chrome extension and use it to edit your website.

Price: Free, but their upgrade product, Google Optimize 360 competes against Optimizely in price, and like Optimizely, they are not transparent with pricing. 

G2 Rating: 4.2 out of 5 ☆ 

8. AB Tasty

Optimizely Alternative

AB Tasty is a solid A/B testing software that has the standard features of most experimentation tools. However, they also use AI and automation to support your experimentation by creating great ROI for the tool.

Price:  Pricing not transparent, must call AB Tasty.

G2 Rating: 4.4 out of 5 ☆

Time to Find Your Optimizely Alternatives

Now that you have eight viable Optimizely alternatives, you can explore the best A/B testing tool to replace Optimizely.

If you want more, check out our full tool comparison.

Still unsure what’s the right A/B testing software for your company?

Check our unbiased comparison of the top A/B testing tools out there — fit for every need.

Download free comparison
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Originally published October 27, 2020 - Updated November 24, 2020

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