Website Split Testing Tools

Using website split testing tools, also called A/B testing software, will give you the edge over your competition. In most industries, only 5% businesses use these tools, and those 5% are in the top converting segment. Website split testing tools are key to increase conversion rates using a process of conversion optimization.

What is Conversion Optimization?

A paid website split testing tools usually makes sense for organizations that are developing a conversion optimization strategy. Dedicating time to improve conversion rates makes sense when there is a solid traffic flow to the website (100,000+ unique visitors). Getting an A/B testing tool is not all you need, you need time to analyze your analytics, survey customers, analyse the heatmaps and record user sessions to find what are the areas of concern worth addressing.

Conversion rate is the percentage of people taking the preferred action. An example is: an e-commerce site has 200,000 unique visitors and 4,000 purchase on the website. This is a conversion rate of 4,000/200,000 or 2%. The e-commerce websites primary goal is not to convert visitors to buyers, the goal is to increase revenue per visitor (RPV). Most e-commerce-focused tools like Convert Experiences offer RPV as key performance indicator (KPI) in their reporting

Open Source or SaaS A/B Testing Tools

The most interesting open source A/B testing tools below sorted by the activity per project. If you are looking for open source A/B testing tool, then these options may fit your needs.

  • ABBA, 1182 stars / 62 forks (link)
  • SIXPACK 916 stars / 84 forks (link)
  • SkyLab 565 stars / 25 forks (not updated last 12 months) (link)
  • ABalytics 573 stars / 34 forks (not updated last 12 months) (link)
  • Confidence.JS 446 stars / 17 forks (not updated last 12 months) (link)

When your focus is on your core business and there is no plan to extend your development resources towards increasing internal development and the ongoing maintenance of website A/B testing tools, we recommend you use a SaaS tool.

When selecting the best A/B testing tools for your organization, consider creating a comparative analysis. At Convert we created an A/B testing software comparison to help simplify your choice.

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