Online A/B Testing Tools

Online A/B testing tools focus on improving the conversion rate of a website. Conversion rate is the percentage of people taking a preferred action. An example is an e-commerce site with 100,000 unique visitors and 2,000 purchases on the website; for a conversion rate of 2,000/100,000 or 2%. The e-commerce website’s primary goal is not to convert visitors to buyers, but to increase revenue per visitor (RPV).

Open Source A/B Testing Tools

Some open source suggestions for A/B testing software are:

If you are looking for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) A/B testing tools what are the top tools?

What Are The Top Online A/B Tools?

At Convert Experiences, we created a helpful A/B testing software chart to compare Convert Experiences with other A/B testing software. and take advantage of the benefits that make Convert one of the top A/B testing tools in the world including:

  • Scalable to 500 million unique visitors
  • Personal support with on-boarding and training
  • Expandable with full services (account management and experiment development)
  • Extended network of certified conversion and technology experts

Alternatively you can compare some of the tools below when working with mobile apps. Convert does not currently support mobile app A/B testing (as of Oct. 2015) but we recommend these products:

  • Abba (Free) – Abba is an open-source A/B testing tool for mobile apps. If your mobile app is based on Javascript, and you know how to code, this might be for you.
  • Airlock (Free) – Airlock is a free open-source A/B testing tool for mobile apps made by Facebook.
  • Amazon A/B Testing (Free) – Amazon’s A/B testing tool is a standard Amazon tool and available for iOS, Android, and the Amazon apps.
  • Apptimize (Free – Paid) –  Apptimize is available on iOS and Android and one of the more popular A/B testing tools for mobile apps.
  • Arise (Free – Paid) –  Arise is available on iOS, Android, and Phonegap.
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