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Comparing Convert Experiences to other A/B testing tools is important to before deciding on the best A/B testing software. We cannot make the exact comparison for you on all features but we recommend you request a demo Convert Experiences A/B testing software

We know that Optimizely pricing is hard to understand since the changes effective last December 2017, where they moved pricing behind a wall of sales people, so we collected data for you to make the comparison with Convert.com’s split testing tool easier.

We have several pages for you to compare to Optimizely alternatives and Optimizely competitors:

No Exact Optimizely Pricing

Since the change of pricing it’s hard to get an exact comparison on Optimizely Pricing but for around $36,000 USD annually we hear you will be getting 200,000 experiences (unique tested visitors).We offer a similar plan with 300,000 at a 75% discount over that price so you will be that Convert Experiences will be anywhere between 50%-80% less expensive for the same volumes and features. To confirm the Optimizely Pricing you should contact your account manager.

Convert Experiences Pricing vs Optimizely Pricing

Convert Experiences is an A/B testing tool that focuses on Ecommerce, Publishing and other high traffic websites that need a powerful A/B testing tool for their marketing and IT departments. Get great support, monthly calls and more when joining Convert Experiences. Get a free 15-days trial, here.

Convert Experiences vs Optimizely A/B testing software

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