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Shopify A/B Testing, Shopify Product Testing

How to Find the Best Selling Angles For Your Shopify Store Products (With Data & A/B Testing)

“iPod: 1000 songs in your pocket.” Remember this iconic line? At a time when MP3 players weren’t designed for ease of use and had little storage space, the iPod was an instant hit. But it wasn’t just the product that made people buy. It was the benefit-driven selling angle....

Shopify A/B Testing, Getting Started With A/B Testing

The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to A/B Testing on Shopify Stores (+ 9 Shopify Entrepreneurs Share Their A/B Testing Stories With Results)

So you’ve heard about A/B testing through the grapevine. Maybe your competitor casually mentioned it on a podcast or your marketing team thinks it’s a great idea. Or the growth agency you’re in talks with wants to run A/B tests. Growing a business isn’t easy. You know that. Having...

The Convert Experiences blog has a great mix of current news, information, and useful guides

The topics covered are varied, including transparency & privacy, technical writeups, best practices, and industry roundups, all while staying relevant to marketers and optimizers of all skill levels.

Articles are backed up by practical, real-world examples and vetted by industry experts, so new pieces are always relevant with the most up-to-date information. It is one of my go-to sources for CRO focused content!

Matt Beischel

Matt Beischel

Founder & CEO, CorvusCRO

Your Blog Section is a great resource for both brands and marketers

I love the content you publish at Convert. I appreciate the time you take to produce such insightful posts on various marketing-related topics.

The majority of posts include real examples from brands and marketing campaigns, which is a great value addition for your readers. I personally enjoy many of your expert roundup posts, case studies, and the latest marketing tactics you cover.

Your blog section is a great resource for both brands and marketers. Kudos to the team!

Shane Barker

Shane Barker

Digital Marketing Consultant and strategist

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