A/B Split Testing Software

One of the best investments you can make in your online business is increasing the conversion rate of your landing pages and e-commerce website. For this, an A/B split testing software solution can help you. Using A/B split testing software assists businesses with:

  • Test content (text and images)
  • Test Styles (using variations of CSS, for example)
  • Test Flows (change flow of the website)
  • What can A/B split testing software do for your business?

A/B split testing software is for websites that have over 10,000 unique visitors monthly, if you have less traffic, focusing on increasing traffic should be a priority. When you have reached 10,000 unique visitors a month, read ahead and download this Google Analytics custom report. The report finds high traffic pages and sorts them by bounce-rate. This is a great start to optimizing pages that have many visitors. You can choose weighted sorting within the Google report to show pages that have a bounce rate higher than your site average.

When you know what pages to optimize you’ll need to understand what the limitation/issue with the page. A service such as UserTesting.com offers video reviews at affordable rates. Users will give feedback on each page to help understand a non-biased users experience. Once you understand the issues, you can then better utilize conversion optimization software.

A/B testing software such as Convert Experiences () splits visitor traffic over the original, and variations A, B, C and so on. This is called A/B split testing. The A/B test will show what variation converts better with the goals you set (for example, sales, lead form or newsletter).

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