18 CRO Folks Who Talk About the Experimentation Mindset on LinkedIn: Update Your Feed, Be a Better Optimizer

Uwemedimo Usa
September 15, 2022 ·
CRO Folks Who Talk About the Experimentation Mindset on LinkedIn

Give a person a fish, and they will eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they’ll:

  • Always have something to eat
  • Pass the skill on to others, adding to the prosperity and independence of the entire community
  • Feel empowered to go forth and do more, diversify, maybe plant a few crops, and be confident in their ability to tackle bigger challenges.

This is the sentiment that has inspired this roundup. 

But before we get into it, a few caveats:

  1. The folks covered in this round-up post regularly on LinkedIn. At least once every 10 days.
  2. They don’t add links to gated courses or blogs on third-party platforms, they strive to provide value right on the LinkedIn feed.
  3. Their content is focused on the discipline of experimentation, albeit in their own niches and verticals. Most importantly, they help their followers understand why thinking and acting in a certain way is important to get desired results from running experiments.
  4. If you follow them, and ring their bell, two things will happen:

    1. You’ll see spirited discussions about trends in the optimization space as well as evergreen wisdom (challenged as needed).
    2. You will understand why they (the optimizers featured here) think the way they do about certain ideas and concepts.

In short, these experts have gone above and beyond with their content, not just disseminating information but helping people think like an optimizer. And…

5. As far as possible, we have tried to cover fresh faces and perspectives. In case you are looking for the list of educators we followed in 2021 to learn A/B testing, go check out this round-up.

NOTE: This is an un-comprehensive list, built around specific criteria. If you have someone in mind who should have been in the round-up, point us in their direction. We will appreciate any and all introductions. But each new name will be vetted against the 4 points listed above. And then included in the next roundup.

We make these lists for readers. And what they will find helpful is of utmost importance.

Let’s dive into the names.

(14 + 4) People on LinkedIn Who “Get” Optimization and Help You Develop the Right Mindset

In no particular order — follower count or prominence or anything like that…

1. Rishi “The Shopify Product Page Guy” Rawat

Follow Rishi to understand what healthy skeptics go through when they land on your website.

He’ll give you the tools you need to address their objections, in innovative (and ethical) ways.

He is also rethinking the art and science of product pages and sharing his musings and insights along the way.

Point to note: You wouldn’t want to get in an argument with Rishi about the most important page on a Shopify store. You’d lose. He can pull lots of case studies from his agency Frictionless Commerce, deep research, and 13 years of marketing experimentation to convince you that your biggest and quickest wins are right on the product page.

Makes perfect sense that he goes by “the Shopify Product page guy”.

Helps that Rishi is a copy connoisseur himself. His posts are rich in value and mellow in readability. And there’s more in his Understanding How Shopper Think YouTube channel with Lorenzo Carreri, where they pick one super successful DTC brand and go deep into analyzing the website’s conversion rate optimization.

He always shares when a new episode is out on LinkedIn.

Topics Rishi Talks About on LinkedIn

  • Constructing a fail-proof sales pitch
  • The power of copy in conversions
  • Product stories
  • Examples of genius product page elements to get inspired by

Rishi’s Most Compelling Content

While you are at it, subscribe to his channel with fellow “excavator”, Lorenzo Carreri.

And learn to think like Rishi.

2. Andra Baragan

Andra Baragan

We all know how helpful swipe files can be, right? Well… Andra’s posts constitute one of the highest quality examples of DTC swipe files in the optimization community (on LinkedIn).

If you’re a Shopify (or any ecommerce) store owner, Andra’s LinkedIn posts will feed you a consistent inspiration to make your sales funnel run more efficiently. She picks ideas from far and wide and shares insights. Engaging with them makes you feel like the rockstar ecommerce CRO she is.

She talks about the various elements of an online store and how they help the customer journey. Everything from the tiny magnifying glasses for search to breadcrumbs and upsells.

She stays curious about anything and everything related to marketing, neuroscience, psychology, and statistics. And you can hop on the ride to go where her curiosity takes her.

Topics Andra Talks About on LinkedIn

Not only does she spend considerable time finding elements that work well or can be made to convert better, but she also walks readers through

  • The mindset of the brands driving the decision to use the elements
  • The mindset of the browsers that result in the element(s) being a hit (performing as intended) or being a miss.

Andra’s Most Compelling Content

You can learn to think like Andra or check out some blog posts Andra’s written for Convert.

3. Devansh Sharma

We personally feel that Devansh hits it out of the park when it comes to brand differentiation and brand marketing optimization for the DTC space.

He does talk about the experiments he has run for his clients and the results he has achieved for them. But what sets him apart is his ability to put himself (and thus you the reader and learner) in the shoes of traffic on the site and the impact of a differentiated message or experience on the buying potential inherent in these people.

So many businesses still confuse brand marketing with slapping a logo on sponsorship or doing some boring webinars. Devansh’s no holds barred take is as refreshing as it is genuinely helpful.

He calls out lazy marketing. But he doesn’t stop there. If you aren’t sore from being called out so bluntly and stick around to the end, you’ll get the remedy.

In the age of “demand generation”, optimizers must grasp the nuts and bolts of brand marketing as well. Great stuff to have in your feeds!

Topics Devansh Talks About on LinkedIn

  • Eye-opening errors in the way DTC brand marketing is currently run
  • Correctly understanding and focusing on what matters in DTC marketing
  • User experience-led winning ideas for ecommerce experimentation

Devansh’s Most Compelling Content

4. Simon Girardin

We’ve become avid readers of Simon’s posts. Why? Because he is open, candid, and vulnerable about the learning curve that’s a part of an optimizer’s CRO journey.

He talks about the insights. Yes. But he also highlights the overwhelm that may creep in when you are trying to master a multi-disciplinary beast like experimentation. Plus, being a part of Conversion Advocates, he is privy to some of the most robust optimization frameworks and training processes in the industry.

It’s vicarious learning at its best.

Topics Simon Talks About on LinkedIn

Get the theory and actionable tips to tweak your CRO programs. While Simon likes to focus on startups in his content, our experience engaging them shows you can connect the dots to just about any business at any stage that needs optimization.

He talks about:

  • Experimentation insights and how to use them to cure guesswork in business
  • Leading and running a successful CRO program — in-house for growth stage startups and especially, as an agency for clients

Simon’s Most Compelling Content

5. Eden Bidani

Eden is hailed as the copy queen. She has turned the practice of using everyday objects and incidents to elaborate on conversion copy tips into fine art.

What’s more memorable? The dry explanation behind a framework like Problem-Agitation-Solution? Or a sweet, quirky story with relatable characters who ultimately show you how to ace your writing with P-A-S?

If you’re low on bandwidth and dislike formal courses, Eden’s posts are the next best thing.

She’ll give you world-class consultant-level conversion tips through her LinkedIn posts. For free! If you spend 15 minutes reading through her old posts, you better get a pen and a notebook — there are so many priceless takeaways that you might miss them while being absolutely awed by them.

She’s an incredible copywriter, so her posts are one of those few ones that’ll grip your attention right to the end. And filled with so much fantastic content that you’ll be glad for it.

What Eden Talks About on LinkedIn

It’s rare to find someone on social media that consistently dishes out such incredible tips for conversion copywriting. She does it with:

  • Videos and slides (lots of slides) of real-life examples of winning copy and why they win
  • Memes to add a certain je ne sais quoi to her tips

Eden’s Most Compelling Content

Conversion copywriting combines copywriting with conversion rate optimization. Learn how Eden approaches CRO.

6. Will Laurenson

Exactly what does conversion rate optimization aim to accomplish? Understanding your target audience and customers… so you can make it easy for them to buy as opposed to making it easy for you to sell to them.

There’s a solid difference there. A difference that can totally revolutionize your approach to CRO in ecom and show you significant growth past your baseline metrics.

Will regularly posts about this, along with his refreshingly hot takes on discounts. When you follow him, he’ll put you on to what he’s gathered in a 12-year-long career so you can consistently turn more page views into sales by optimizing your customer’s experience.

Topic Will Talks About on LinkedIn

  • Optimizing for a better customer experience (to move the metrics that matter)
  • User/customer research
  • CRO tips beyond discounts
  • Brand marketing

Will’s Most Compelling Content

7. Riccardo Vandra

He’s “Mr. Building Blocks” in our opinion. Sometimes a glut of information can drown your senses and actually become a detriment to learning. If walls of text aren’t your thing, then you’ll appreciate the effort Riccardo puts in to help his followers nail the basics of CRO.

And if the post is longer, he adds takeaways at the end. Sort of a TL;DR that doesn’t replace the rich experience of reading the whole post. There’s no fluff here.

He introduces you to a concept, teases the benefits, and gives you the resources you need to dig deeper on your own. In the end, you understand experimentation better, from sample size and test results down to statistical significance.

His specialty lies in E-com and DTC… but a lot of his CRO wisdom is vertical and industry agnostic.

Topics Riccardo Talks About on LinkedIn

Riccardo is here for SaaS as well as Ecom businesses. He shares helpful tidbits for them in the field of optimization.

This covers:

  • Optimization strategies centered on user experience
  • Business optimization opportunities for SaaS and ecommerce brands
  • Analytics and the road they lead to insights

Riccardo’s Most Compelling Content

8. Lorenzo Carreri

Do you know what review mining is? Do you know how much this innocuous practice can simplify the process of coming up with branding angles, competitive advantages, and test ideas?

If you don’t, no problem. We didn’t have an idea either.

Just follow Lorenzo. In a month’s time, you will have a sense of what you can do to take amorphous Voice of Customer research, and turn it into micro levers to pull to improve assets, experiences, and even conversion rates.

In general, Lorenzo analyzes the customers to find out how and why they became customers. He believes “CRO is about understanding customer problems and coming up with solutions to tackle them.”

And we couldn’t agree more, especially for DTC brands. If they want your product and don’t experience any problems in getting it, they’ll most likely convert into customers.

He pulls examples from the wild that get you asking deep questions. If you’re of the same CRO mindset, you’ll find it hard not to get pulled into the discussion in the comments. Personally, I enjoy the arguments. He gets insight from an example, some agree, some disagree, but ultimately, we all learn.

Topics Lorenzo Talks About on LinkedIn

Lorenzo’s Most Compelling Content

  • Review mining
  • Customer research — why people buy and why people don’t buy
  • Buyer psychology on ecommerce websites

9. Emma Travis

We think of Emma as an orchestra conductor. When she asks a question, the data sings.

She dislikes fluff and gets straight to the point.

  • Follow her if you love bite-sized video content
  • Follow her if you want to understand how you should undertake qualitative data research (and why going down certain routes is akin to inviting bias into your efforts)

Your analysis is always only as good as the data.

Topics Emma Talks About on LinkedIn

She hosts YouTube shows on Speero’s YouTube channel called The Research Lab and The Heuristic Show.

On LinkedIn she posts about:

  • Analyzing user behavior and consumer psychology to boost conversions
  • User research and testing to optimize the UX of your website for your target audience

Emma’s Most Compelling Content

10. John Ostrowski

Some folks look at dots and see dots. Others like John look at dots and see the potential of a masterpiece.

If you want to mature and evolve as an optimizer, you must be able to assimilate different thought processes and schools of thinking into new, cohesive ideas.

Sounds challenging. But if you follow John Ostrowski. You will start to see how he does that. More so because John is a fan of walking potential learners through the way he weaves a narrative!

Topics John Talks About on LinkedIn

ScholarSite brought us together but a positive growth mindset kept us together. John’s content, especially his newsletter is one of the most valuable experimentation resources for marketers looking to nurture a positive attitude in CRO.

What you can learn from his posts:

  • Successful experimentation strategies
  • Merging skills from his investor career with those in experimentation to be a better business person
  • Once in a while he shares great (but lesser known) tools that are valuable in marketing

John’s Most Compelling Content

Want to check out his newsletter? Read Positive Experiments today. And while you’re at it, learn how John thinks like a CRO expert.

11. Siobhan Solberg

It’s as important to optimize your optimization, as it is to build up the skills needed to test.

Siobhan talks about CRO, sure. But she also focuses on the mental models involved with efficient optimization. How should you think about work? Where are you stuck? What KPIs should you focus on? Are you taking the long-winded way out?

It’s a pep talk for people who may frequently not see the forest for the trees.

Topics Siobhan Talks About on LinkedIn

  • Marketing measurement and analytics
  • Marketing strategy that respects user privacy
  • Conversion optimization in data-driven marketing

Siobhan’s Most Compelling Content

12. Rich Page

Rich Page has been an optimization educator and expert for the past 13 years. It’s safe to say this gentleman knows what he is talking about.

Through his free teardown videos and his posts on choosing optimization tech, he brings a tried and true approach to conversion rate optimization that keeps things simple, encourages execution, and rinsing and repeating to see compounding results.

Short and to the point, for when you don’t have the time for another “ultimate guide” article.

Topics Rich Talks About on LinkedIn

Quick CRO tips in 10 lines or less — literally 15 secs to up your CRO game covering:

  • Tried and proven CRO tips from 15 years of experience
  • Choosing the right tech tools (for example, your A/B testing tools)
  • Valuable tools for CRO research and analysis
  • CRO teardowns for a user experience point of view

Rich’s Most Compelling Content

Rich also gave us his thoughts about CRO and how it should be done.

13. Nathalie Nahai

We discovered Nathalie in 2022, and we are grateful for the recommendation.

Nathalie isn’t focused on conversion rate optimization in her LinkedIn content. But her account is the repository of some of the most credible and respected work on the use of psychology and persuasion in digital marketing.

Remember the time after “Hooked” when everyone was all into “neuro” — scams and everything? Nathalie is the real deal.

You’ll get an “aha!” moment that you can apply in your own marketing because you get to understand people better.

Her posts are for anyone who wants to drill down to the first principles of consumer motivations and objections, how people think and how they make decisions.

If you want to become an expert, and come up with original CRO ideas (not just another CTA button test) but don’t want to take a 13-hour psychology course, she condenses those principles into bite-sized summaries in her posts.

Topics Nathalie Talks About on LinkedIn

  • Behavioral science and its ethical application in online persuasion
  • Persuasive communication practices that you can use in marketing
  • Psychology

Nathalie’s Most Compelling Content

14. Shiva Manjunath

Follow Shiva for the raw hot-takes on the most controversial topics in optimization. He has a wicked sense of humor and he goes to great lengths to talk about what’s not tracking right in the CRO space, and why (often) practitioners can be the reason why.

Plus, if you love memes you can’t have Shiva Manjunath as a part of your feed. He’s the meme lord of the CRO society and an experimentation wizard.

Topics Shiva Talks About on LinkedIn

  • CRO memes that make you think as hard as you laugh
  • Blunt truths about experimentation and the organization’s attitude to it
  • Anti-best practices (insert: common sense) in optimization that actually works

Shiva’s Most Compelling Content

And yes, he is Sherlock Holmes’s rival in CRO crime solving.

Epic Testers We Want More Of on LinkedIn

We also want to include the next 4 LinkedIn CRO pros. They meet all our criteria for this roundup except one: We wish they posted more often. But when they do, it’s mind blowingly valuable.

15. Abi Hough

Abi gives some of the bluntest and most informed perspectives on usability and accessibility.

When she gives her ruthless (but absolutely brilliant) teardowns, you can’t help but admire how in tune with the user’s point of view she is. These usability issues seem like a no-brainer after she reveals them, but actually quite tricky to figure out.

We know because she’s given us a thorough teardown of our free trial sign-up form. And we loved learning from it.

And that’s also why you should follow her. Because these mistakes that hurt the customer experience shouldn’t repeat themselves on your website and product. And she’s really fun too!

Topics Abi Talks About on LinkedIn

  • Accessibility and usability because “you can optimize all you like but if people can’t use your website you’re wasting your time”
  • Customer experience and user research
  • User experience autopsy (or post-mortem teardowns, if you wish)

Abi’s Most Compelling Content

Abi has perfected her craft over 20 years – read this if you want to be a CRO pro like her.

16. Deborah O’Malley

Do you like guessing which A/B test won? Which CRO head wouldn’t like that?

Deborah is not only a top A/B testing influencer but also the founder of GuessTheTest — portable A/B testing case studies. So, she posts some of these A/B testing case studies on LinkedIn and you get to participate and learn from these “guess which test” won posts.

If this experience doesn’t humble you see that you can’t always tell winners from losers, they’ll inspire you with A/B testing ideas.

And there’ll be experts in the comments section sharing insights in powerful conversations. Need answers? Also in the comments, she adds them herself.

Topics Deborah Talks About on LinkedIn

  • Guess the winner of an A/B test
  • A/B testing tips and insights
  • User experience and optimization lessons

Deborah’s Most Compelling Content

And did you know Deborah ran her first optimization experiment at the age of eight? Read her story here.

17. Rommil Santiago

What’s different about Rommil’s LinkedIn posts is that he doesn’t only share his business-boosting experimentation thoughts, but that he also brings insights, experience, and advice from various other legends in the sphere.

If you’re a fan of Experiment Nation, you’re already familiar with this (he’s the founder and CEO, of course).

If you want his own expertise, they’re usually in his newsletters.

The amazing thing about Rommil and his work via Experiment Nation is how he consistently brings together a lineup of smart people in experimentation.

Topics Rommil Talks About on LinkedIn

  • Growth marketing
  • Optimization truths from the lips (and brains) of industry legends

Rommil’s Most Compelling Content

18. Ruben De Boer

We wish Ruben would post a touch more on LinkedIn. However, if you want to understand the nuts and bolts of the structure needed in place to help an experimentation program succeed, look no further.

Topics Ruben Talks About on LinkedIn

Ruben’s posts will prepare your mind to handle experimentation leadership. He opens your eyes to a wider angle view of experimentation like you should have if you’re a Chief of Experimentation.

He discusses:

  • Uplift-friendly mentality to add to your culture of experimentation
  • Setting up a successful experimentation process (which is a vital aspect of the culture itself)
  • Experimentation leadership and change management
  • Prioritization and learning from experiments

Ruben’s Most Compelling Content

Learn how Ruben thinks like a CRO pro.

Next Steps for You

Hit the follow button on their LinkedIn profiles. And hit the bell to get notifications when they post something new.

By doing so, you should be able to scroll your feed for 20 minutes a day and get microdoses of learning from people who think differently — turning your LinkedIn feed into your own CRO mastermind circle that helps you grasp the inner workings of the experimentation world and the optimization skill set.

Is there a growth-loving marketer who wouldn’t want that?

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Originally published September 15, 2022 - Updated November 11, 2022
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