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With the increase in Optimizely pricing in December 2014, the divide between the free plan and Optimizely Enterprise pricing became bigger. The free plan offered a great starting package with up to 50,000 tested visitors (or impressions, as they call it) but made it difficult to upgrade since Optimizely Enterprise pricing starts around $36,000 USD a year.

Compare A/B Testing Tools – Optimizely Competitors

We have made a comparison of A/B testing tools. Below you will find a general list based on budget and needs in three different market segments when looking for Optimizely alternatives.

  • Low: Google Analytics Content Experiments is our favorite free A/B testing tools in this category.
  • Mid-range: These are tools that don’t break the bank and are professional enough for agencies, e-commerce and online marketers with web traffic between 100,000 and 1 million unique users (UUs) or unique visitors (UVs) a month. Visual Website Optimizer and Convert Experiences (at a cost 30%-40% less) are recommended. ().
  • Top-range: In this category, Adobe Target and Sitespect have plenty to offer, with a complete suite for enterprises. Both are more than $250,000USD/year investments and we recommend using for traffic ranges over 500 million UVs or UUs.

Mobile App Testing

Optimizely also has A/B testing solution for mobile apps. Here is a short list to get started with your software selection when looking for an alternative to Optimizely for mobile app features.

Are you interested in combining your favorite A/B testing tools for mobile apps with Convert Experiences? Contact us for a call to discuss or .

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