GA4 Goals Import & Automated Revenue Tracking Come to Convert Experiences

Dennis van der Heijden
July 18, 2023 ·
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2023 has been a year of unprecedented growth and change here at Convert.

Right after Google announced its Google Optimize sunset, we revamped our pricing model to accommodate testing teams with big ideas (and modest budgets).

Convert has always been the best tool at the intersection of pricing-support-features.

G2C Badges 2023

But with our new Community plans, we brought the advantage of full stack experimentation at the starting price of $199/mo.

Our team did not pause at pushing this never-seen-before offer live.

We continued on, launching our 27-second Google Optimize data importer.

And despite not being one of the three vendors in on developing the GA4 API, we scored our native GA4 integration close on the heels of said tool providers.

If that’s a hint of pride you’re detecting in my words… It is warranted and much deserved.

This sunset has ushered a dawn of initiative for Converters.

They’ve dug deep and brought inspiring ideas to the table, executed them at record speed, and displayed excellence along the way.

Time For Another First: GA4 Goals Import & Automated Revenue Tracking Come to Convert 

This is a collaborative effort with Google (and GA4) aimed at bringing a unified experimentation solution to the world.

We at Convert believe that experimentation is human nature™.

It is the very bedrock upon which all progress and evolution rest.

Just because the business setting of companies and organizations is a shift away from the more organic nature of experimentation in life, doesn’t mean that teams must struggle with discrete, siloed solutions and exorbitant app price tags.

Simplifying testing (at least in its execution) drives our efforts.

Convert used innovative methods to integrate with GA4 while official APIs were still being developed. These two new functionalities are similar enhancements. Convert is arguably the first tool/platform to bring the capabilities to people, many of whom are frazzled and lost due to the Universal Analytics sunset.

Dennis van der Heijden, CEO,

GA4 Goals Import

Packaged within our one-click integration that requires Google authentication, the GA4 goals import is very similar to the UA goals import our customers have used and loved over the years.

It is an easy way to import the GA4 goals you set up within Google’s ecosystem into Convert. And gauge the success of variations served and experiments run against them.

Import goals from GA4

Like its UA predecessor, the functionality is available through the Goals modal within the app.

You can update the goal description (as shown below).

Update goal in Convert Experiences

And you can also filter experiments that are tagged with imported GA4 goals.

Filtering tagged with imported GA4 goals in Convert Experiences

We sincerely believe that common language for the goals that matter to a business — within the analytics suite and the experimentation suite — will showcase the value of testing to broader audiences of stakeholders.

GA4 Automated Revenue Tracking

GA4 says your campaign earned $X!

But your experimentation platform marks the total revenue earned lower, at $Y?

If you are testing the effectiveness of ideas and campaigns, this dilemma is commonplace.

Not anymore.

Convert Experiences (with its one-click GA4 integration) will use the total revenue collected by GA4 as the basis of its own revenue reports, and Average Revenue per User (ARPU) calculations.

GA4 automated revenue tracking in Convert Experiences

This again is an attempt to bridge the gap between analytics and experimentation, putting wins in company-wide and familiar contexts.

Plus, trustworthy results are the holy grail for A/B testing platforms, and this specific functionality—while innocuous—can save hundreds of hours of troubleshooting and test design reviews.

These enhancements wouldn’t be possible if Google had chosen to not make its GA4 API public. We appreciate their transparency, and will share developments at our end with them to bring these capabilities to other A/B testing platforms, ASAP.

Dennis van der Heijden, CEO,

The clock is ticking.

Don’t wait till September 30th to master a new testing tool.

The opportunity costs for several months after won’t be worth the annoyances you are potentially avoiding by holding on to Google Optimize.

Give Convert a whirl. We will surprise you – in a great way!

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Originally published July 18, 2023 - Updated August 24, 2023
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