Tools for A/B Testing

Tools for A/B testing can be used for newsletter, landing pages, personalization. On-site A/B testing solutions and understanding the marketing landscape of conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be challenging with so many tools for A/B testing. Many also promote it as a feature within their system. Your most popular CMS or E-commerce programs often have their own A/B testing plugins.

This article will give an overview of:

A/B testing is trendy and understanding the marketing landscape is important. There are different tools and suites where you can find the A/B testing, for example:

  • Marketing Automation: Pardot, Marketo, ExactTarget and even Mailchimp have powerful A/B testing features in their products that allow you to test not only headlines but also body content, delivery times and sender details.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Popular tools in this segment are Unbounce, ION Interactive, and Act-On. These focus on landing page creation and are usually the best step for better PPC campaigns conversion.

Comparing Tools for A/B Testing

When looking for tools for A/B testing we recommend using an A/B testing tools comparison matrix. Here we compare Convert Experiences with VWO and Optimizely among others. Pricing is included in the comparison and is a great start to a real overview of each tool.

A/B vs Multivariate Testing

A/B and multivariate testing (MVT) tools are used to determine what variation works. Multivariate tests (available in every plan of Convert Experiences) focus on understanding individual elements and their impact on conversion rates. Want to know more about MVT tests? .

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