Optimizely Enterprise Pricing

Comparing Convert Experiences to other A/B testing tools is important to before deciding on the best A/B testing software. We cannot make the exact comparison for you on all features but we recommend you request a demo Convert Experiences A/B testing software

We understand that Optimizely Enterprise pricing is hard to understand since the changes December 2014 where they moved their enterprise pricing behind a wall of sales people, so we collected data for you to make the comparison with Convert.com’s split testing tool easier.

We have several pages for you to compare to Optimizely Alternatives:


No Exact Optimizely Enterprise Pricing Comparison

As you may understand, getting the exact Optimizely Pricing you’d need to talk to Optimizely the indications we get range from $36,000-$200,000 USD per year (only) for an Optimizely Enterprise plan with between 300,000-400,000 unique visitors or experiences as they call it.

You might want to compare Optimizely A/B testing tool with alternatives like us, Convert Experiences or VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) to get the best price for your business. By comparing Optimizely Enterprise Pricing to, for example, Convert Experiences you would be getting 1 million unique visitors for half price and around 5x more tested visitors with a better support level and similar features.


Convert Enterprise vs Optimizely Enterprise Pricing

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