Compare A/B Testing Software

Comparing A/B testing software is not easy when you are beginning to explore the industry. To make things simpler for you – we made a short A/B testing software comparison of the five tools most popular in the market:

All A/B testing software are ranked on their price per 400,000 – 1 million tested visitors/today (updated: March 2018).

If you are looking for a comparison of the features of the different tools, look no further! Our A/B testing tools comparison will give you an overview including Convert Experiences. (Click here if you are interested in a free 15-day trial.)

What to look for in an A/B testing software comparison?

Pricing is an important element in your marketing efforts. Cost per acquired user or revenue per visitor will lead your business. We recommend you to take our A/B testing tools comparison and create a similar version of a spreadsheet.  Then call or email each vendor (they respond to sales@) to adjust the pricing for your tested volume. Consider the different support options, monthly upgrades and downgrades you might need and the discount for the yearly price (Convert Experiences offers 10% cash discount and 50% more tested visitors on annual deals).

Here is a short list of items to consider when setting up your own A/B testing tools comparison:

  • Technology used (Read our blog on why the blink matters.)
  • Monthly or yearly deals offered
  • What type of support you gets (onboarding training, chat, phone or email) and what are the support hours?
  • Can you invite your team and add unlimited amount of domains and team members? (At Convert we call them collaborators)

(no credit card required) and see if we offer the pricing, features, and support you need.

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