Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer was a free A/B testing tool for conversion rate testing. The tool was retired in August 2012 by Google and shortly after the new tool Google Content Experiments (part of Google Analytics) was introduced. In Google Website Optimizer, you set up A/B tests for various elements on your pages and then Google randomly served the different versions to real visitors on your website. Google Website Optimizer did A/B testing and Multivariate testing with tags installed on the site similar to tools like Adobe Target (at that time named Omniture Test & Target).

The interface looked like this experiment:

Google Website Optimizer

The results page:

Google Website Optimizer Results Page

Wondering what to test with an A/B testing tool like Google Website Optimizer, Google Content Experiments or our tool, Convert Experiences?

Here a list of some useful ideas on what to test with Google Website Optimizer or similar tools:

  • Different versions of the logo
  • Headlines with clear value propositions
  • Color sets of the page
  • Call-to-action text and colors
  • Adding benefits in bullets near call-to-action
  • Removing elements to simplify the page
  • Swapping out images
  • Adding trust elements or social proof

Google Website Optimizer was one of the first tools that allowed free A/B testing and had around 25,000 installs when it was replaced with Google Analytics CE. When it was replaced, Convert Experiences already had our tool in the market with a visual editor that revolutionized the A/B testing industry in 2013-2014.

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