Conscious Business

Social Mission

Recognizing the central role that business plays in our society, Convert initiates innovative ways to improve the quality of life of our neighbors throughout the world where we operate. We will give back to our neighbors; be humble, thoughtful and engage with consideration and compassion; be pro-active in all we do to uphold our beliefs.

The intention is to become a 100x carbon positive company. Our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint are undertaken where employee concentrations are highest. Building a cleaner world while making it safer for our neighbors.


Carbon Positive Action Highlights

Carbon Neutral Hosting

We decided in 2016 it was time for Convert to take a stand for our values and incorporate our three-pronged mission statement into everything we do and say. Our first step was moving to Akamai CDN’s to make our support for a more energy transparent Amazon (AWS) and signing the Greenpeace letter to Amazon’s board.

In addition, we chose a carbon neutral hosting environment that also improves our customers experience and guarantees the privacy of their information and data.

ONIL Stoves Program

We support HELPS International ONIL Stove Program for Mayan rural communities in the Mexican Yucatan peninsula to reduce burns, respiratory issues and accidental deaths of communities that use traditional cooking methods.

Gathering wood for cooking is a tradition that has been used for centuries. It not only takes valuable time from families but by using an open fire pit on the dirt without ventilation, families have been exposed to dangerous fumes that also increase carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere.

Being sensitive to cultural and technological factors, a new stove compatible with traditional methods was designed. Some of the benefits of this modern stove are: by placing the ONIL stove off the floor, it reduces the risk of burns to children; proper ventilation is provided through a galvanized steel chimney that eliminates smoke and carbon monoxide; ONIL stoves reduce wood consumption by 70% giving the women who use ONIL stoves two days a week in time saved by gathering wood.

Important to note that one ONIL stove reduces the amount of carbon being released into the air at a rate of 2.893 tons of CO2e a year (equivalent to 2,500 individual flight seats from Cancun to Toronto and back).

Being Good Neighbors: Convert in Action

In 2017, the Convert Caribbean team placed logs, mixed cement, and donated money to restore a local children’s playground. Watch the transformation!

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