Conscious Business

Economic Mission

Economic Mission

We have a responsibility to ensure the long-term financial viability of Convert. Operating Convert on a sustainable basis of profitable growth, while increasing value for our stakeholders, customers and expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees, will provide stability and trust in all that we do.

We invest our resources where it matters. We hire the best and we work with the best. Making a difference for our employees and customers allows us to build high value and innovative solutions. Investing in the right team member allows us to grow with little employee turnover, providing a more stable experience for everyone.

Maintaining transparency in our growth means we will not engage in a manner that is counter to our values to achieve success.


Convert is committed to serving our customers thoughtfully and efficiently while remaining committed to our product. We protect your privacy and value both the growth of your business and your personal success.

Non-profit organizations that utilize our products and services to improve on social or environmental initiatives deserve to be rewarded. At Convert, we respect and value your efforts and offer organizations that fit within this framework a discount on our list prices for all software products.

Taking a stand

We empower our team members with the choice of servicing customers who may violate their personal beliefs in the following fields that do not align with our values:


Selling dangerous items designed to injure others in combat, self-defense or sport do not align with our values.

Some examples include:

Animal Safety and Welfare

Businesses that profit from animals being in captivity against their will, either for entertainment purposes or profit do not align with our values. Some examples of businesses that we may refuse to work with include:

If no team member is prepared to provide support for customers whose businesses do not align with our values, these customers can receive a refund on products purchased.