Convert Rescues 4,000 Worried Optimizely Clients

Dennis van der Heijden
April 13, 2015 ·
Convert Rescues 4,000 Worried Optimizely Clients

Convert Experiments now offers a migration service for Optimizely clients that are affected by the increased Optimizely prices since the removal of Optimizely’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans. Optimizely’s new focus on custom enterprise solutions, and removing the options for paid support for anyone under enterprise levels traffic, caused hundreds of people informing with us about the option to keep at current price per visitor and migrate their accounts in a way to keep all.

The price increase for Optimizely had affected around 4,000 former Gold and Platinum plans. We now offer 24-hour migration for clients with over 50,000 visitors that will be affected by this new strategy and that are looking for an A/B testing solution.’s CEO Dennis van der Heijden comments:

We’ve seen a significant amount of growth over the last three months due to the people that wanted to migrate away from Optimizely, and we’re able to help those people out fairly easily. Most of our new Optimizely migrated clients find our price significantly more attractive because they get 50% more visitors for the same amount they were used to pay, back in December.

It’s a win-win situation for all parties. The new clients now get existing email support and our additional phone and chat support, as well as our training program, while Optimizely gets to focus on their enterprise only growth path.

In general, we are very happy with what Optimizely contributed to the industry and to A/B testing software awareness. We started in 2009, offering visual tools for A/B testing and one script installed for clients. When Optimizely joined us in that market in 2010, they brought a lot of awareness to the industry by using the Obama case-study where the founder of Optimizely used Google Website Optimizer to grow the results of the Obama campaigns. Great examples and this great story helped us all in the industry of A/B testing. We wish them well with their new selected strategy, and we are happy to support their existing clients that prefer to stay in their current price-range.

Convert Experiments follows the same principles of Google’s once free tool of having a powerful, but very accessible, A/B testing tool for marketing agencies and e-commerce clients. Since 2009, Convert has been helping hundreds of agencies grow their conversion rates and revenues per visitor, at rates nobody in the industry was offering. Now Optimizely is leaving this A/B testing industry where accessible rates are the norm. Convert Experiment is stepping up to take over the role in 2015. Thousands of websites already have our A/B testing software installed, and formal Optimizely clients have migrated over, free of cost, with any Small Agency Plan (or above). This is comparable to the Optimizely Gold plan in pricing, but with 120% more tested visitors.

We will make sure that all formal Optimizely clients feel at home and that we match almost all the features and some new features added, including our patented SmartInsert™ technology that avoids blinking or white pages, as well as the support for Optimizely Custom events, our own e-Commerce targeting, and the ability to import Google Analytics goals and automatically track e-Commerce revenue from Google Analytics. This will benefit the migrating clients at prices per tested visitor that are up to 50% less expensive than Optimizely.

To check the availability for the migration service on your Optimizely Enterprise account, please check your domain name here, and get the Optimizely Migration Report for free.

Convert Rescues 4,000 Worried Optimizely Clients
Originally published April 13, 2015 - Updated December 14, 2021
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Dennis van der Heijden
Dennis van der Heijden Co-founder & CEO of Convert, passionate community builder and out-of-the-box thinker. 

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