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Lemuel Galpo
Customer Content Manager who brings learnings in CRO and testing to the world.

Understanding the Basic Principles of Online Marketing

May 29, 2015 –

With all the hype surrounding the online marketing world these days, many marketers forget what conversion rate marketing actually is. That’s why it is important to know the basic principles of online marketing, the missing information that requires utmost attention, and the key elements of overall marketing online strategy. With basic understanding, you can learn how to implement upgrades and improvements to your marketing campaign.

In a recent podcast hosted by Creative Thirst‘s CEO Bobby Hewitt, we discovered the three elements of online marketing strategy. In this excerpt, Convert also shares the basic marketing principles needed for a website to succeed. This is a part of a series of podcasts hosted by Creative Thirst where Bobby shared tips on how to turn more clicks into customers and improve your overall conversion.

The three-step strategy – Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention – are key to your overall conversion rate marketing plan.

Online Marketing Elements To Increase Conversion Rate

To implement an effective online marketing strategy and increase conversion rate, applying the essential elements is a must. It provides framework and the foundation for everything else. The three-step strategy – Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention – are key to your overall conversion rate marketing plan. While not one of these elements are more important than the other, they must also work in harmony to optimize conversion.

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Any successful internet marketing strategy has thoroughly implemented these three fundamental elements. Conversion rate optimization is an integral part of these elements for any website. It must be continuously improved, tested, changed and strategized in order to achieve success and obtain amazing effects to your business’s overall online revenue.

The Principles Of Online Marketing

Many marketers fail to achieve their desired results due to having too much focus on driving traffic to their website and they forget the significance of successful conversion

Online marketing still prevails as one of the most effective and quick way to reach prospects. With numbers of search engine resources and powerful tools provided at hand and updating from time to time, the probability of your online marketing strategies reaching the audience is very high than it was before. But despite the resources and helpful tools, many marketers fail to achieve their desired results due to having too much focus on driving traffic to their website and they forget the significance of successful marketing and conversion which is to convert visitors into buyers. Once you have captured the attention of your prospects, they are eager to know more about your offer and want to be engaged with it.

In Sharon Hurley Hall’s article – 4 Tips for Winning the Click through Relevance and Personalization, she states that: “People don’t want to look at ads; they want to talk to you. But when they talk, they want to feel like they’re having their own private conversation with your rather than being on the end of a one to many broadcast. Sharon Hurley Hall, Crazyegg.”

Turning Traffic into Sales

But how can you turn those traffic into sales and how do you convince your customers to stay? Your success will be based on how you strategically follow the important principles of online marketing. Here are the marketing principles that should be applied to website pages, content, profiles and messages.

  1. Understanding your customers and competitors. To understand customers is to anticipate their needs, provide what you promised and exceed their expectations. Additionally, a clear understanding about your competitors can give your business an opportunity to stand out and make your products become better.
  2. Test, track results, and plan your strategy well. With several tools available online such as analytics, A/B testing software and other SEO tools, there is no reason to not capture accurate information about the performance of each of your marketing approach. To improve is to measure and to measure is to improve.
  3. Take all the essential online marketing elements into account. These critical elements are very important to conversion and must incorporate a solid strategy to improve and succeed.

I hope that you clearly figured out the importance of these elements on your overall online marketing scheme. For further information, you can visit us at Convert.

Originally published May 29, 2015 - Updated September 15, 2020

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