Running a Continuous Improvement Marketing Campaign

Lemuel Galpo
April 8, 2015 ·
Running a Continuous Improvement Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, it has become increasingly difficult to successfully sell products and services to consumers. They have seen every marketing strategy there is to see; thus, web marketers are forced to constantly innovate to cope with the increasing demand on content. This is where running a continuous improvement campaign can be valuable for your overall marketing strategy.

In a podcast hosted by Bobby Hewitt, CEO of Creative Thirst, he shared some insights on the importance of continuous improvement marketing. This basically addresses how to improve your marketing strategy, the success and failure involved with each improvement, the continual improvement processes, and how it can help you achieve better return of investment. With continuous improvement, your website will continue to improve, even without direct supervision from marketers.

implementing continuous improvement process

Marketing Strategy Necessities

Continuous marketing improvement is necessary for business. It’s a long term strategy that focuses on customers’ satisfaction, quality of service, cost and the market movement. To step up any marketing approach, marketers need to constantly innovate and connect with customers on deeper levels across the entire relationship between consumer and the company.

Marketing success is more than just a series of continual improvements. It should be continuously improving over time, rather than over a short period of time. Marketing efforts and improvements go hand in hand. What worked now may not work later on. Customers might change their tastes, or market saturation might take place. Through constantly monitoring your marketing effectiveness and performing a continuous improvement, you can have a better chance of increasing your conversion rate.

Continuous Improvement Implementation

Many companies are too busy with other things that they rarely take enough time to test and improve their marketing processes. When implementing continuous improvement marketing strategy, A/B testing is very essential. Testing can be among the most effective and successful ways to make for improving progress. Moreover, it is better to start testing when you are about to launch a marketing campaign, rather than after. According to Bob Leonard’s 9 Steps to Continuous Content Marketing Improvement,

At the launch of any marketing campaign, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to make sure you have a realistic understanding of your product, the marketplace, your value proposition and competitive positioning.

Continuous improvement also requires an organization to build up a team who has skills and knowledge on the areas that needs improvement. Namely; identify clear goals, analyze the needs, track and monitor, create the necessary steps, and measure its success. Here are some tips to implement an effective continuous improvement marketing process:

  1. Defining your business goals is the first step of continuous improvement marketing.
  2. Once a clear definition of success has been squared away, you need to be able to know what indicators are important to your unique business goals.
  3. Your key performance indicators need to be constantly measured so that your current conditions can be compared against your desired results.
  4. Know where you have been and where you want to go. Without knowing the distance on this gap, there’s no way of knowing how far your design will need to jump to get you to the other side.

The Bottom Line

Marketing improvement is just like life improvement. Continuous improvement takes one step at a time. It starts with small steps, consistently, and over and over again. Buyers’ needs are evolving, and the economy is changing as all the time. So it is imperative that marketing practices also make an effort to upgrade and step up for the benefit of your targeted audiences. I hope this will give you a clear insight as to how to effectively implement a continuous improvement marketing system for your business. Visit us at A/B testing software Convert to know more about A/B testing and conversion optimization.

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Originally published April 08, 2015 - Updated January 14, 2022
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Lemuel Galpo
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