Boost B2B Marketing Results: Top Practices That Work

Christopher Pappas
September 25, 2019 ·
Boost B2B Marketing Results: Top Practices That Work

The B2B marketing arena has changed dramatically over the past few years with digitalization taking the B2B journey online and empowering buyers to self-educate without relying on data provided by brands!

This drastic shift has increasingly put pressure on B2B marketers to execute a demand generation strategy focused on increasing the lead pool.

So, how do you deal with the change in digital trends and deliver the results expected by your organisation?

Inbound Marketing is the answer to it. Inbound strategies executed with a firm focus on delivering “value” help create memorable experiences that have a positive impact on both people and business. And they even play well with traditional outbound distribution methods.

So here is a list of top marketing practices that produce results for B2B brands.

Invest in Content Marketing – Now!

Yes, content marketing is not the fastest way to acquire quality leads. But it is one of the most consistent, and trusted!

The growth in site traffic for content marketing leaders is 7.8x higher than for followers. Moreover, website conversions come in at 6x more for those who invest in content marketing, as compared to those who don’t!

However, content development must be seen as an iterative process.

You must increase the shelf life of your content by repurposing old and existing content such that the time and effort invested into its creation do not go in vain.

For ensuring longevity, you can repurpose existing content into different formats like trending blog posts, infographics, or even stand alone social media posts. This will help engage prospects and align them with their stage of buyer journey.

Here is a fascinating infographic by SEO Tribunal on the history of content marketing, the format of content ruling the roost right now and what businesses can expect in the future.

content marketing stats & facts

Boost Authority with Blogger Outreach

Digital marketing is incomplete without outreach, which is connecting with different people in your niche and reaching out to them via email or a phone call to introduce your content and get links in return if they like those.

The more you connect with different webmasters the more benefits shall you reap for your website in the sense that it shall improve your industry standing alongside increasing the potential of reaching out to a much broader audience.

Additionally, you can connect with different influencers of your niche and get started with either inviting them to write a guest blog or hosting a live webinar wherein both the parties can provide value.

The question on your mind right now is – Does Blogger Outreach Work for B2B Brands?

Think of outreach as a simpler form of influencer marketing. Instead of having someone who has the ear of your target accounts promote your product, you have them endorse your expertise with content.

The kind of metrics and KPIs you set for evaluating what you are getting out of your efforts is different for B2B companies. You may not get direct leads.

But look to see:

  • How many people are coming back to your site from your guest post or outreach platform (you can note this in Google Analytics)
  • Are they completing any goals on your site?
  • Is your brand recognition growing? This might be a subjective aspect to consider, but more direct mentions on social, more interactions in Slack groups of your industry should give you a fair idea.

Get More out of your Neglected Real Estate

The thank you page on a website today is merely seen as just another webpage that provides visitors with the option to download the content they’ve initially signed up for.

However, taking your thank you page up a notch is yet another method to boost your business conversions and is an excellent opportunity to offer value and engage with customers.

And, this can be done by including relevant call to actions such as survey, webinar, event invitation, promotion or even to showcase new content offerings.

additional resources for A/B testing
At Convert, we have several CTAs baked into our thank-you pages

Videos are Non-Negotiable

72% of B2B buyers and researchers watch videos to help them make their buying decisions.

Thus with reference to the latest scenario, videos are both the present and future of content marketing and a vital element of robust inbound practices.

It is today the most dominant form of native content on almost every social platform like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others which have managed to level up the game even more.

So, it’s high time that you start investing in the creation of videos if haven’t already.

The different types of videos to capture the attention of the audience and engage with them include DIY videos, explainers, tutorials, testimonials and even behind the scenes.

12 types of video

So, stop waiting and start creating!

Pay Attention to UX

The most fundamental albeit the most overlooked element of inbound marketing is user experience.

Quite often, a potential customer comes to your website and leaves disappointed after being unable to locate a simple search bar. And unnecessarily shooting up your bounce rates.

User Experience is a deep and complex subject. Paying attention to it can not only improve on-site conversions, it can get more traffic to your website.

The more time searchers spend on your site (because of a rewarding user experience), the stronger signal you send to the Google algorithm about the quality of your content. In time, this can have a perceptible impact on where your website pages show up in the SERP and how they rank!

UX practices for B2B brands are not that different from B2C companies. However the things to keep in mind for a business-to-business setting are:

  • UX optimization and improvement should be focused on each leg of the buyer’s journey because typically it is longer than the same for B2C businesses where the checkout ends up being a focal point.
  • Account based personalization can typically improve UX for B2B companies. There are up to 5 people involved in most business-to-business buying decisions, and with tools like Deploy, you can provide context as well as a sense of belonging and trust to all the individuals from an account visiting your site.
99 Conversion Tips
99 Conversion Tips
Originally published September 25, 2019 - Updated August 22, 2022
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