Turning Website Visits into Profits

Dennis van der Heijden
January 28, 2015 ·
Turning Website Visits into Profits

Creating an online shop is not as easy as it may seem. Aside from creating a site that is perfectly engineered, entrepreneurs also need to take the convenience of their online shoppers into account. Since there are so many businesses out there that are going virtual, the competition in this domain is growing tighter day by day. Hence, creating an SEO and consumer-friendly site is one of the strategies that could either make or break your chances. 

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the wisest Internet marketing techniques that could help you gain a truckload of sales, and of course, profits. In a recent webinar, Kevin Eichelberger of Blue Acorn, along with Convert Academy, have discussed the ways to create a consumer-friendly website for profit.

Product description

Optimizing the Product Page

Going virtual means that you need to take a good look on how you present your products to your possible consumers. Since they can neither touch nor smell your products, you must take advantage of all strategies that could make your products look enticing and irresistible. In the case of website marketing, you have to make sure that you are presenting your products in the best possible light with the graphics and images on your website. According to this blog post from AcquireConvert:

Landing pages aren’t for flooding content with your brand story. The best landing pages focus on the offer with the prospect in mind, while subtly adding to your credibility as a brand.


Providing the best shopping experience to your consumers is not as difficult as it may sound. Since your consumers would most probably rely on what they see, you have to focus on the quality of the images of your products. Come to think of it, if the products are blurred or if the images look like they have been taken by a novice, would you buy those products? Of course not. A big part of establishing credibility is providing the best to your consumers. Once they land on your page, they would initially see your product images, and that’s when you want to make a good mark.Here are a few tips when it comes to imagery:

  • Be Original: Never upload images that you took from the Internet. Instead, take original photos of people using your products. This way, you would be able to gain the originality to catch your audience’s interest.
  • Perfect by Default: Your default page should be of high quality. If you don’t know anything about photography, hire a professional.
  • Multiple Images: Basically, the consumers need to see what they want to see. To show them that the product is perfect in all angles, don’t just post a single picture.

Product Description

You don’t want those consumers to just visit your site. You want them to buy your products. Improving your conversion rate is not rocket science. Although images play a crucial role in making your consumers decide to finally buy your products, you must also focus on the way you are presenting the features of your products.

  • Keep Your Claims Genuine: Don’t over-exaggerate on how great your products are, and never over market. The consumers will have second thoughts especially if they feel that your claims aren’t as true and as accurate as they may seem.
  • Focus on the Features: Start your paragraphs with the major features of your products and create bullet points. This makes it easier for your visitors to read the product’s features.
  • Double the Description: Offer your consumers a detailed and a summarized version of your product description. While those in a hurry can simply scan through your summary, the ones who are willing to spend more time will read the detailed version of your product description. More options equals more sales.
  • Shoe Away the Apprehensions: One of the most common problems of consumers is security. To make them feel more at ease in purchasing your products, keep your FAQ’s, privacy pages, return policy and shipping pages within their reach. Link them into your descriptions to help your consumers feel like they are making the right choice.

Price Matters

You don’t want to keep your visitors wondering about the prices of your products. This is not a guessing game. Instead, the prices should be clearly posted in the product page. To make it more visible, use other font color and keep the figures bold. Surprising the visitors with the cost of your product after all the tedious buying process will do you no good in this biz.

E-commerce is not just about browsing an ordinary website. It’s about providing the best shopping experience to your consumers. Do this with all your might and your conversion rates will definitely peak at its highest. If you want to find out more, you can check out the entire webinar here.

Originally published January 28, 2015 - Updated December 17, 2021
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Dennis van der Heijden
Dennis van der Heijden Co-founder & CEO of Convert, passionate community builder and out-of-the-box thinker. 

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