[VIDEO] How to Come Up with Hypotheses That Solve (Real) Conversion Roadblocks

Justin Christianson
April 19, 2019 ·
How to Come Up with Hypotheses That Solve (Real) Conversion Roadblocks

Let data lead the way!

Easier said than done, right?

Just getting “winning” tests is not enough.

The journey starts when you identify the right conversion roadblocks, the true points of friction that keep your visitors from becoming customers and advocates.

Only insights derived from quality data can point in the direction of a profitable hypothesis.

In today’s video best-selling author and the President of Conversion Fanatics, Justin Christianson talks about:

  • Winning more tests on average, and picking the right obstacles to eliminate
  • A handy template to power your hypotheses brainstorming
  • Iterative testing – how to apply the learning from a hypothesis to come up with the next run of experiments
Originally published April 19, 2019 - Updated November 23, 2023
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Justin Christianson
Justin Christianson Justin Christianson is the Founder of Conversion Fanatics

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