Your Reliable A/B Testing Tool is Going Away. Convert Has Supported Google Optimize Switchers Since 2016.

We get you. It’s frustrating to lose a good enough free platform that helped you grow your business. We’re bringing you a $399 monthly plan with enterprise-grade testing power.

  • ✅ 100K unique tested users per month
  • ✅ Email Support
  • ✅ Advanced Test Types & Targeting
  • ✅ Official GA4 integration. GO Data Migration Tool
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Easy, but powerful A/B testing solution It is straightforward to use, has many functionalities and has the correct pricing. The support is superb. We started using Convert as an alternative to Google Optimize and tested some other tools simultaneously. Overall Convert is the best replacement for Google Optimize we found. Jörg Dennis K.
  1. Convert announces its official GA4 integration as a Google trusted partner. Read More. 
  2. Import your Google Optimize experiments, data, and settings in 27 seconds. Explore our data migration tool.
Successfully Optimized 5000+ Websites Like Yours Over 13 Years.

7 Reasons to Consider Convert Post Google Optimize.

100K Unique Tested Users at $399 Per Month

We could give you a free plan with a ridiculous visitor cap that doesn’t mean much. A ceiling on traffic is worse than capping the number of simultaneous experiments.

Start with a respectable 100K unique tested users, and then get 100K more for $299.

13 Years of Helping Teams Like You.

We have been the perfect mix of features-pricing-support for more than a decade. We’ve developed processes and the network to support agile testing teams on a limited budget.

Yes, this isn't something new. We never went enterprise with our pricing - just our features!

Enterprise Grade Features

Not just A/B testing and split testing. We are giving you multipage testing, cookie based targeting, device targeting, cross domain testing, traffic allocation, visual editor, code editor, mobile website testing, post segmentation, multi-factor authentication (MFA), scroll goals, CSV exports and more.

Official GA4 Integration & Data Migration Tool

We have a deep and robust official integration with GA4, fully functional and created using the integration API that Google developed with its Cloud Partners.

Have live Google Optimize experiments? Use our 27-second data migration tool to bring over experiments, variations, data and settings.

10x Faster Support

At a median 1st response time of 11 minutes and 34 seconds, we are 10x faster than any other tool in our category.

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Full Stack Starting $399 Per Month

We don’t charge you extra for full stack functionality. From server side to feature flags, test across channels and your entire stack, starting at $399 per month.

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Privacy Compliant

We’ve owned the privacy dialogue since 2018. Convert Experiences only uses 1st party cookies. And we have rigorously updated our systems and processes to comply after every major privacy regulation update.

Explore our commitment to privacy here

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We often work with relatively small retailers who have grown rapidly with low technology costs. The fact that we can integrate Convert with Shopify Plus and test in such a short space of time, with relatively low capital outlay, is SUPER attractive to our core audience base.

Moreover Convert’s support team are awesome—whether we’re sanity checking with George or Claudiu, or discussing audience configurations with Dionysia or Alex, we always get the support we and our clients need.

Sean Clanchy
Sean Clanchy
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The depth and capabilities of Convert Experiences for experimentation just blew me away. Convert knows that one size does _not_ fit all, and have provided so many places to inject a script at runtime to be able to decide when and how to run an experiment. This is so huge for me because the app I experiment on is written with woldly changing view layers. The specific feature I’m describing is calle “JS Conditions” or DMP Profiling.

I’ve used Adobe, Optimizely, Google Experiments, etc. and none of them really let you get your hands dirty with the code like this tool.

Ken Hanson
Ken Hanson
Modern Message
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Where the client has never done any testing before, we typically look first to use Convert ( I like Convert for a number of reasons. From the very beginning, it has been one of the easiest tools to integrate with Google Analytics. Also, for tricky variations, I’ve had better luck with Convert than others (Optimizely) at getting the variation to display just the way we want. And the support at Convert has always been excellent—again, better than most of their competitors.

Julien Le Nestour
Tom Bowen
Website Optimizers

We have migrated, all the customers we initially planned to migrate (two of them). Thanks to the no-limits on Convert compared to Google Optimize. If it was not for Convert we would not have been able to retain those customers.

- Jonny Longden, JourneyFurther

Need 50,000 Visitors Per Month, or Less?
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Convert’s Basic Plan @ $399 Per Month

Google Optimize served a broad spectrum of businesses conducting A/B tests for a variety of reasons.

If 100K tested visitors is more than what your experiments pull in, you can opt for our Basic Plan. At $399 per month.


We would like to applaud what Visual Website Optimizer is doing for the community. They’ve used their infrastructure to introduce a FREE plan (with up to 50,000 unique tested users per month).

In case you do not need advanced targeting, multipage tests and post segmentation, there really isn’t a better option right now.

Get In-Depth Go Alternative Comparison

We Can’t Give You Google Optimize Back. But We Are Committed to Supporting the Growth in The Future.

Invest $399 per month for each 100K uniques. Say goodbye to the limitations that keep you from real testing.

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