What’s Convert’s Top Value? Being Human.

We’re Bringing That To Your Onboarding.

Anyone who signs up for Convert’s Growth, Expert, and Enterprise plans gets a guided 10-step onboarding that covers the tedious admin bits you plod through when using a new tool.

Convert’s Support

Onboarding… You Mean Scripted Responses, Right?

Yes we know… the real onboarding is a lost art.

It’s ironic that most platforms want you to talk to several humans pre-buying, but leave you to your devices (and scripted responses) post purchase.

Convert’s changing the narrative. Your self service priced subscription comes with real human onboarding.

A vetted Convert partner will work with you to :

  • CheckCircle icon Orient you in a kick off call (overview of your goals and the value you want to see from the tool)
  • CheckCircle icon Create 5-10 hypotheses (in Convert’s own Compass, or using the 3rd party tool of your choice)
  • CheckCircle icon Set up your first project
  • CheckCircle icon Configure goals
  • CheckCircle icon Ensure proper snippet installation
  • CheckCircle icon Draft an A/A test ( Why Do You Need an A/A Test? )
  • CheckCircle icon Enable needed integrations ( We Have More Than 90+ For You )
  • CheckCircle icon Monitor the A/A test (or variation) til it has visitors
  • CheckCircle icon Monitor goals til they register conversions

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