Infographic: 8 Hot Tips for Improving Marketing Conversion

Lemuel Galpo
May 12, 2020 ·
Infographic: 8 Hot Tips for Improving Marketing Conversion

The folks over at Oracle have shared with us this great infographic on their 8 Tips for Improving marketing conversion. Marketing Conversion is a form of online marketing that A/B testing software converts website visitors into paying customers. This makes sure that the website’s traffic is beneficial for exposure, but that it also leads to sales and profits. Just the simple action of adding a well placed Call to Action button can immensely help with conversion optimization. This and other Hot Tips can help with improving Marketing Conversion in your website.

Aside from the tips, this infographic also provides information and insights on conversion marketing such as:

  • Global Statistics on Marketing Conversion
  • Social Networking Information
  • Tips on Customer Interaction
  • Comparing Manual vs Automated Campaigns
  • How to achieve your Marketing Goals

Traffic generation was once viewed as one of the, if the not the most, important aspects of internet marketing. But the marketing landscape has changed since then. With advances in marketing such as SEO and CRO, website owners are now starting to employ conversion rate optimization in their marketing schemes. Website owners have now realized that it is not just about the traffic, but how much of that traffic is converted into paying customers. With this infographic, it is taken a step further, with tips on how to improve marketing conversion.

Originally published May 12, 2020 - Updated November 10, 2022
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Lemuel Galpo
Lemuel Galpo Customer Content Manager who brings learnings in CRO and testing to the world.
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