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[VIDEO] 95% Test Confidence and How to Learn from Tests that Don’t Reach It

28th Mar 2019 –

We all want to hit the mythical 95% statistical significance number.

It’s a guideline that has morphed into a hard, non-negotiable requirement for most testers.

While opinions abound and the debate is still raging, we are not concerned with busting the myth (or not) of 95% statistical significance.

What we are more concerned about is maximizing your learning from each and every experiment.

In this video, Justin Christianson, the author of the CRO best-seller Conversion Fanatic walks you through:

  • Concrete steps to take and tweaks to make if your tests are simply refusing to reach the 95% statistical confidence mark.
  • A couple of things you can look at to derive key insights from tests that haven’t hit the desired confidence level.

Each test is an investment of resources. Make the most of the numbers it pulls in.

Originally published March 28, 2019 - Updated December 07, 2020

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