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I have a relentless urge to step in, be curious, and help teams make progress. I break things down into manageable, actionable, and solvable pieces. This is a lot of what I do at Speero as a Senior CX Strategist. I work with clients to effectively and efficiently solve their problems, achieve goals, and find areas for growth. We look at customer journeys from end-to-end so that they thrive in today’s Retention Economy. The biggest drivers that enable me to keep pushing performance in a positive direction are continued reading and training. I’m a bookworm and always enjoy learning anything new. Continued learning keeps me inspired and motivated. I’m a CXL Certified Optimizer, Adobe Analytics certified, and Google Analytics certified. Some of my clients: Procore, Vitamix, Olaplex, Saatva, Springfree Trampoline, NextEra Energy, and Toast. LinkedIn profile

The Convert Experiences blog has a great mix of current news, information, and useful guides

The topics covered are varied, including transparency & privacy, technical writeups, best practices, and industry roundups, all while staying relevant to marketers and optimizers of all skill levels.

Articles are backed up by practical, real-world examples and vetted by industry experts, so new pieces are always relevant with the most up-to-date information. It is one of my go-to sources for CRO focused content!

Matt Beischel

Matt Beischel

Founder & CEO, CorvusCRO

Your Blog Section is a great resource for both brands and marketers

I love the content you publish at Convert. I appreciate the time you take to produce such insightful posts on various marketing-related topics.

The majority of posts include real examples from brands and marketing campaigns, which is a great value addition for your readers. I personally enjoy many of your expert roundup posts, case studies, and the latest marketing tactics you cover.

Your blog section is a great resource for both brands and marketers. Kudos to the team!

Shane Barker

Shane Barker

Digital Marketing Consultant and strategist

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