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Free A/B testing software comes in many forms. Plugins for CMS and e-commerce systems often have a free basic version, such as Convert Experiences for WordPress which was developed in combination with Yoast. Open-source A/B testing tools are also free of licensing cost. Some examples open-source applications are Abba and Sixpack both of which are discussed further in the article on A/B testing software open source.

When is A/B Testing Software Free?

Nothing is truly free even when installing open-source A/B Testing Software. You will find that the software needs installation, development and constant updates this time and cost can be equal to the expense of the A/B testing software. Free or paid depends on what you are trying to accomplish. When your organization needs to be in full control of the source code we highly recommend open-source A/B testing software.

In addition, when running hundreds of experiments in applications and workflows, such as with LinkedIn, it makes sense to spin-off an existing open source solution called XLNT and customize it to fit your needs.

The large-scale unified data pipeline generates standard A/B test reports for all experiments and satisfies most of the requirements for experimentation. One report does not answer all the questions about one experiment. Users want to dig deep and perform advanced analyzes, such as cohort analysis.

XLNT on demand, a tool Convert recently built, provides customization and on-demand analysis for an experiment. It allows for the user to customize date range, metrics, dimensions and even members. Users can also run sophisticated cohort analysis on XLNT on demand. XLNT on demand leverages many of the exciting features on XLNT and eliminates the need for ad-hoc A/B testing analysis. Hundreds of experiments are running on XLNT each day, and the number of metrics we support has grown to over one thousand. With a goal of providing easy-to-use, accurate and comprehensive A/B testing solution at scale, more great features are to come as XLNT evolves.

As you can see the LinkedIn experience makes clear that selecting a “free” open-source A/B testing tool a valid one when you have a significant conversion optimization team.

LinkedIn XLNT A/B testing platform

When does a paid A/B testing tool makes sense?

A paid tool usually makes sense for an organization that is developing their conversion optimization <link> strategy and experience in-house or using agencies to help increase the conversion of their web-apps, website or landing pages. If you have been focused on your core business and not A/B testing and have no ambition to extend your development resources towards growing your internal development and maintenance of website A/B testing tools <link>, then paid applications might be right for you.

Convert Experiences helps develop the skills of A/B testing with training (see our Academy), onboarding your team with personalized live training and an excellent and scalable A/B testing tool that is up and running within minutes. and let our success engineer help you grow your online business.

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