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Convert Agency Accelerator Webinar Series

Game changing CRO secrets in 50 minutes or less.

Say “huh, I didn’t know that”—more than you ever have in a webinar. Join us in learning from some of the most experienced optimizers — and in robbing the tactics they’ve used to transform their client’s businesses

Get results that drop jaws and open wallets.

There are the type of results that show improvement. There are the type that impress in a case study.

And then there are type that build reputations, crush expectations, and make high-paying clients line up at your door.

Those are the results we’re after. And those are the results you’ll learn to achieve with the Convert Agency Accelerator webinar series.

Here we’ll equip you with everything you need to know to grow (or start offering!) your CRO services. Our experts will walk you through ways to hone your skills, perfect the art of creating winning tests, build a results-driven culture, turn your prospects into clients, and ensure ROI for all tech stack investment.

Recordings available for most live sessions.


A peek inside our most popular talks...

Setting Up A/B Testing for a New Client: Getting it Right the First Time

Dennis van der Heijden

Dennis van der Heijden
CEO, Convert

A focused webinar to ensure that you don’t lose billable hours when configuring CRO tools for your client and can set the right expectations from the get-go.

How to Convert More eCommerce Customers Using Psychology

Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf
Founder & CEO, GetUplift

Use emotional triggers to help browsers buy more and tap into their psych and deliver a rewarding shopping experience.


About Convert

From Conversion Rate Experts, to REBEL Internet, to Conversion Fanatics and Blue Lambda—we’ve worked with, and gathered insights from the industry’s best.

In the meantime we’ve also built optimization software that’s trusted by experts, and accessible for anyone. We offer powerful A/B testing, multivariate testing, and personalization solutions for agencies looking to improve their conversion rates, and make data-driven marketing decisions.

The most privacy focused A/B testing solution on the market

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