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Justin Christianson, Conversion Fanatics

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Convert Experiences - Best A/B Testing Tool in the Market

Convert Experiences is, in my opinion, the best A/B testing software on the market right now. It is my go-to recommendation for any A/B testing requirement.

First off, the support is top-notch. It is easy to get hold of senior developers.

We are advanced A/B testers and Convert is the only piece of software that has the critical features like blink handling, advanced editing and breakdown of conversion patterns - that I have not been able to find anywhere else.

Francis Teo
Francis Teo Director & Lead Consultant

The Support That You & Your Clients Need

We often work with relatively small retailers who have grown rapidly with low technology costs. The fact that we can integrate Convert with Shopify Plus and test in such a short space of time, with relatively low capital outlay, is SUPER attractive to our core audience base.

Moreover Convert’s support team are awesome—whether we’re sanity checking with George or Claudiu, or discussing audience configurations with Dionysia or Alex, we always get the support we and our clients need.

Sean Clanch
Sean Clanchy at Swanky Agency

More Functionality for the Money with Less Flicker

First and foremost, Convert Experiences is easy to use. There is barely any flicker compared to the tools we have used in the past.

We get more features/functionality for our money with advanced provisions like the Javascript triggering of experiments. Finally the support team is quick and thorough.

Give it a free trial and see for yourself.

Lee Preston
Lee Preston Worship Digital

Perfect Tool for High Volume, Ecommerce Testing with Great Support

Convert Experiences comes with great service and multiple data points with each plan. This is especially useful for high-volume ecommerce shops who want to do a lot of continuous testing. Their amazing Magento plugin really adds to that.

Next to that their system is extremely fast, bringing flicker to a minimum. We use Convert Experiences to run several tests a month for clients, improving their revenue by optimizing their customer experience on all pages and funnels.

Auake Vos
Auke Vos Umigo

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Go as Deep & Technical as You Like

The depth and capabilities of Convert Experiences for experimentation just blew me away. Convert knows that one size does _not_ fit all, and have provided so many places to inject a script at runtime to be able to decide when and how to run an experiment. This is so huge for me because the app I experiment on is written with wildly changing view layers. The specific feature I'm describing is called "JS Conditions" or DMP Profiling.

I've used Adobe, Optimizely, Google experiments, etc. and none of them really let you get your hands dirty with the code like this tool.

Ken Hanson
Ken Hanson Modern Message

Value Unlike Any Other Tool in the Market

Convert provides great support for those starting out with CRO, all the way to companies running multiple teams spread across the world.

You can expect fast, 24/7 responses to the questions you and your team might have and their integration with Google Analytics allows you to do your analysis in the way you want. The value you get for the price is unlike any other in this industry.

Guido Jansen
Guido Jansen
CRO Influencer & International Speaker

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