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Software Integrations


Convert Experiences offers copy-paste integration with Unbouce landing page creation tool


Convert Experiences offers seamless integration with Unbounce. Having a solid integration and giving you access to multivariate testing on your preferred landing-page platform “Unbounce” is important. We allow you to setup A/B and multivariate (MVT) experiments on any Unbounce landing-page and allowing refined targeting of these experiments without creating new landing-pages for each audience.

You will be able to use offline goal tracking (like phone-calls) and goals (KPI’s) that are later in the funnel like website sales and leads outside Unbounce.

What does the Unbounce Integration do?

  • Adds multivariate testing to Unbounce
  • Allow deeper segmentation of your A/B and multivariate experiments setup on Unbounce pages (from Convert Experiences)
  • Track offline and third party site goal tracking

How to enable Unbounce Integration?

Why use Unbounce and Convert Experiences?

Unbounce had the option to setup A/B tests, but you would not be able to target the same landing page (URL) for different audiences or perform multivariate tests. Both tools have great value and used together even more.


  • Easy installation of A/B testing (no coding required)
  • Deciding what variation wins based on conversion rates (CR), revenue per visitor (RPV) or order items.


  • Tracking Code
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Goal Tracking


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