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Software Integrations


Perform sitewide MagentoCE Conversion Optimization Tests all through the admin panel with Convert Experiences


The Convert Experiences for Magento module provides basic system configuration settings that can be customized on a per ­store scope basis with the intention of displaying unique information on pages across your Magento store. With the module enabled, each page of the website will always display the user group type. Product pages will display the Product SKU, name, type, attribute set, price, and any custom attributes defined in the system configuration. Category pages will display the category name, immediate parent category (if available), custom design (or default package/theme) and category ID. CMS pages will display a page type variable defined as CMS.

Why use it?

  • Enables marketers and Magento store owners to create eCommerce conversion optimization tests without changing your code or requiring help from a technical team
  • Easily adds or removes necessary the Convert Experiences JavaScript and variables to every page on your Magento store
  • Allows user to run tests based on Magento product attributes, making it easy to target specific product types or features, such product manufacturer or cost
  • Allows user to run tests based on Magento category custom designs
  • Does not modify any other site scripts
  • Automatically integrates with order tracking and Google Analytics

Module Features

  • Easily adds or removes necessary Convert Experiences JavaScript and variables to pages of your Magento store by enabling or disabling the module in the Magento backend
  • Does not modify any other site scripts
  • Supports multi-store view
  • Enables the creation of page tags for Convert Experiences Advanced Segments
  • Allows for up to four attributes to specifically target products for conversion testing
  • Enables the user to run experiments based on Magento product attributes
  • Enables product page, category page, and CMS page tagging
  • The ability to map attribute values as custom JavaScript variables
  • In addition to the basic JavaScript installation of the header script, this module automatically tags important Magento page content for use within Convert.com™s suite of tools.


The Convert Experiences for Magento module is compatible with all installations of Magento CE 1.5+

Ecommerce Tagging

Ecommerce for Agency & Enterprise plans are available, see the following integrations that are available with this plugin:

  • Page Type – the page type from the Magento in use on the page
  • Category ID – the Magento category id will be returned
  • Category Name – the Magento category name will be returned
  • Customer ID – Magento customer id number (when customer is logged in)
  • Product Name – Magento product name will be returned
  • Product Price – Magento product price will be returned
  • Product SKU – Magento product SKU will be returned
  • Custom Variable 1 – undefined
  • Custom Variable 2 – undefined
  • Custom Variable 3 – undefined
  • Custom Variable 4 – undefined



  • Easy installation of A/B testing (no coding required)
  • Testing on categories and specific pages by select these in Convert Experiences (we sync all names)


  • Tracking Code
  • Ecommerce Integration


Magento Integration Screenshot - 1
Magento Integration Screenshot - 2
Magento Integration Screenshot - 3
Magento Integration Screenshot - 4
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