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Convert Experiences’ Enterprise plans offer advanced features, iron-clad security, app customization, and upto 1.2 billion tested users a month.

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Keep Testing to Enterprise Standards, While Saving on Tool Costs.

We get you - it's a hard call. The choice between giving up the convenience of a robust enterprise plan and paring down your optimization team to make room for your premium tool.

But you can have both.

You can prioritise the people who shape your testing team, and keep the cutting edge features you’ve come to use and love.

Convert Experiences Enterprise plans put “enterprise” in your budget. Test to enterprise standards, while freeing up funds to save your optimization program.

GDPR & The Data Privacy Framework

Convert Experiences is proud to be GDPR compliant and the Data Privacy Framework. We store no personal data.

LDAP & SSO (Bitium)

Secure single sign-on and LDAP integration for user authentication that actually works.

Role Based Access

Ensure that only the right people access the right areas of your testing platform to prevent early calls and unintended edits.

Two Step Authentication

Secure your accounts and add much needed layers of protection to your testing system.


Leverage a centralized stream of activity that spans all your account projects and serves as an audit trail during incident reviews.


Want to integrate with an app you don’t see on our site? Need a feature to be developed from scratch? Enterprise plan buyers can request app customization.


Rapid scaling comes with constant testing. Conduct as many experiments as you like with up to 1.2 billion unique, tested users a month.


Create new tests and experiences, retrieve and modify settings and generate reports and overviews for the entire application, all without logging into your account.


An accountability partner and CRO concierge, each Enterprise plan comes with a proactive account manager who’ll fast track your queries.


We’re here for you. Every Enterprise plan comes with exhaustive onboarding training. And a range of options to assist with the set-up of your account.


Let us set up a personal presentation or demo for your team in the next 24 business hours


The Best In The Business Trust Convert Experiences

Agencies like Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) trust A/B testing solutions like Convert Experiences.


Convert provides great support for those starting out with CRO, all the way to companies running multiple teams spread across the world.

You can expect fast 24/7 responses to the questions you and your team might have and their integration with Google Analytics allows you to do your analysis the way you want and combine it with all the other data you already have in GA. The value you get for the price is unlike any other in this industry.

Guido Jansen
Guido Jansen
International Speaker & Global CRO Leader

The depth and capabilities of Convert Experiences for experimentation just blew me away. Convert knows that one size does _not_ fit all, and have provided so many places to inject a script at runtime to be able to decide when and how to run an experiment. This is so huge for me because the app I experiment on is written with wildly changing view layers. The specific feature I'm describing is called "JS Conditions" or DMP Profiling.

I've used Adobe, Optimizely, Google experiments, etc. and none of them really let you get your hands dirty with the code like this tool.

Ken Hanson
Ken Hanson
Modern Message

Advanced New Features

Cutting Edge Features Your Enterprise Plan Gives You Access To

Scroll Percentage Goal

Trigger goals based on the scroll depth of your visitors. Set “page read” value to 25%, 50%, 75%, or something more tailored to your unique needs. Measure the impact of your content and your landing pages on user engagement, without coding hassles.

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Scroll Percentage Goal
Weather Targeting

Weather Targeting

Come rain, hail or snow - your site experiences will always resonate with your traffic. Target audience segments based on local weather events like the possibility of precipitation or clear sunny skies.

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Goal Completion For Audience Segmentation

Why waste the insights your traffic hands you in the form of past interactions? With this powerful feature you can leverage the history of goals completed on your site to target high value audience segments with timely personalizations, or more A/B tests.

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Goal Completion For Audience Segmentation
Change History

Change History

Transparency, security and compliance come to the forefront with the Convert Experiences Change History. This centralized stream of activity spans all projects in your account, controls and monitors access of information in the company and serves as an audit trail during incident reviews.

Explore Feature in Demo

Multipage Experiments

What do you do if your hypothesis calls for testing an element across all stages of your funnel? Multipage experiments come to the rescue. With this versatile feature you can modify different items (especially recurring ones like badges), across multiple pages, to follow your prospects from the start of their journey to the finish. Build in the WYSIWYG editor and forget coding woes.

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Multipage Experiments
Api Integration

Api Integration

The secure token based Convert API lets you create new tests and experiences, retrieve and modify settings and generate reports and overviews for the entire application. This is especially developed for CRO agencies, organization with a high testing velocity, and developers interested in integrating into the Convert Experiences Suite.

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Advanced Post Segmentation

Slice and dice your experiment data. We now offer the ability to segment reports, after the test has concluded, to drill down on the performance of different audiences - like new/returning, browsers used, devices used, campaigns clicked, and residence countries. Custom segments are also available to capture unique insights from your tests.

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Advanced Post Segmentation
Live Log

Live Log

Quality Assurance (QA) is one of the most important facets of building consistent experiences. Although a simple test can be built entirely within the Visual Editor, most experiences will need QA. Our Live Log overview feeds realtime events to the account to facilitate a quick deployment of the experience, saving valuable time in the development and release of experiences to production sites.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Convert takes data privacy and security seriously. And Convert Experiences is a prime example of this commitment. With two factor authentication you secure your accounts and add much needed layers of protection to your testing system.

Explore Feature in Demo

Convert Experiments is a fantastic tool that should be considered and evaluated by any CRO agency or end-user client that also evaluates Optimizely and VWO

Julien Le Nestour
Julien Le Nestour
via CXL

In addition, Enterprise plan buyers receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Personalizations
  • Unlimited Tests / Experiments / Variations
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Site-wide and Multiple Page Tests
  • A/B and Split URL Testing
  • Time of Day Targeting
  • Google Analytics Goal Import
  • SmartInsert Blink Protection
  • Automatic Engagement Measurement
  • Language Targeting
  • Google Analytics Automatic Revenue Tracking
  • Cross-browser Q&A
  • Advance CSS/HTML/JS Editor
  • Two-Tailed Testing
  • Role Based Users
  • Test Collision Protection
  • PDF Export
  • Mobile Site Testing
  • Visual Editor
  • Forum Support
  • Real Time Results & Reports
  • Automatic Bounce Measurement
  • Cross-domain Testing and Tracking
  • 90+ out-of-the-box Integrations (Including Segment, HotJar & MixPanel)
  • Excel Export
  • Javascript Event Pushing
  • Mobile Site Testing
  • Third-Party Site Goal Tracking
  • DMP Profiling
  • Dedicated Account Manage
  • Dedicated Account Manage
  • Custom App Integrations
  • On-Demand App Customization
  • Role Based Permissions
  • Secure SSO & LDAP Integration (Bitium)

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