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Optimize Marketing Budget: How to Generate Leads without a Dedicated Marketing Team

22nd Feb 2019 –

Note: This post is a part of our CRO Month 2019. Share it with the #Optimizein28Days to promote optimization awareness and how CRO can help businesses thrive.

In the last decade or so, inbound marketing has become a great way for small businesses and ventures to generate leads. Usually, SMBs don’t have funds for an in-house marketing team.

To be able to generate the number of leads you want, you should create a comprehensive marketing strategy. In this article, you will find everything you need to do so.

Content is the Cog in every Marketing Strategy

Even the biggest companies, that brag of conversion rates as high as 5.31%, don’t rely solely on outbound marketing. Even though it sounds cliché, content is well and truly king, queen and sentry.

You need a constant stream of content related to your niche, with a direct connection to your products.

Quality Content + Agility = Market Relevance + Leads

Generate leads by splitting the workload between yourself and a pro essay writer. Use a tool like EssayGeeks or Paper Writing Pro Service to serve your content requirements. The simple thing is – mediocre content does more harm than good.

Online writing sites are a great choice because you can customize your content strategy on the go, based on trends and hacks like newsjacking. Since the people serving you are professionals, the pivots you make in your content focus can be easily accommodated by them.

This would take your part-time content providers a while to master. And agility is key.

Generate Leads by Targeting a Select Audience

Your business is limited to one or two niche areas, especially in its beginning. The best way to create an effective CRO strategy is to target the right audience. This requires a significant amount of time devoted to data analysis.

If you’re allocating a certain amount of your funds into Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns, pay attention to analytics first.

Believe it or not, 51% of consumers believe brands post and send too much content that is irrelevant to them. Know the demographics of your audience and adjust your online presence to this data. Here’s how to effectively cater to a certain niche group:

  • Adjust your tone and vocabulary. Young people prefer brevity in ads, whereas those 40 and above are generally more patient when faced with large bouts of text.
  • Make sure you’ve picked the right colors for your website design, logo, and infographics you post. Color psychology can influence the way you generate leads.
  • If your target group is younger individuals, use shorter videos with brighter colors and more upbeat music in the background. For older adults, focus on slow speech and well-explained details of your brand and products.

A/B Test for the Best Possible Results

To generate leads without a marketing team, you need to be sure that your campaign fits both the goal and the audience. Marketing experts usually have experience with different campaign styles, but you don’t.

Therefore, you need to improvise by taking the longer route. This involves a form of campaign comparison, called A/B testing or multivariate testing.

How does A/B testing influence lead generation?

  • By comparing two different images, videos or other forms of media, you can determine which is the most effective at getting conversions from your audience.
  • You automatically minimize chances of error when it comes to scaling your campaigns. You can invest in the right type of content.
  • One underrated benefit of A/B testing is the fact that it decreases campaign spend. A/B testing tools like Convert Experiences, in essence allow you to squeeze more conversions (MQLs) from the same number of leads or the same extent of exposure. For a small business without a marketing team, this means funds can be invested in acquiring customers with a greater degree of reliability. You can generate even more leads by investing that money into outsourcing content.

Use Email Marketing to Generate Leads Effectively and Boost Sales

Email marketing can help you with lead generation if you implement a well-devised strategy. In B2B marketing, email is still one of the most prominent forms of communication. It’s private and almost completely devoid of distractions characteristic to social media. Establishing an email marketing list isn’t hard and can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Use an effective email marketing service. To generate leads, you need a stable platform that will have all the features your company requires. Only use verified services.
  • CRO is only possible if you make the mailing list easy to sign up for. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of typing in anything more than their name and email.
  • If you run an eCommerce website, use a contact form with a checkbox so that users can apply for the mailing list while making a purchase/searching for a product.
  • Don’t forget to ensure privacy and to avoid going over the limit. Never said anything that users didn’t sign up for!

Concluding thoughts

Generating leads effectively is possible even without a dedicated team of marketing experts. Test your campaigns, establish a strong online presence and use traditional tools like mailing lists. It’s all about devising a clever plan that will help you with lead generation in the long run.

Originally published February 22, 2019 - Updated December 09, 2020

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