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A webinar series that's especially designed for optimizers who have seen it all.

You know the best practices. You've debunked the myths.

You have been in the testing pits.

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We're bringing you the trade secrets of your agency peers and optimization industry influencers from all corners of the world.

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Talia Wolf


A thought leader in the world of customer centric conversion optimization, Talia Wolf is the expert who’s worked with brands like Moz and Unbounce.

Eps. 4

Emotional Triggers: How to Make Your Funnel Irresistible

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Eps. 8

How to Improve Sales when Price Isn’t a Factor

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Raphael is a bona fide optimization leader. A TEDx speaker and a specialist in stimulating the desire to “buy”, he’s highly sought after by luxury ecommerce brands.


Megethos Digital

Keegan Brown is not your regular CRO veteran. He brings out of the box testing strategies and keen psychological observations to generate big results for clients.

Eps. 5

The Starbucks CRO Secret: Rake in Conversions & Up LTV with Endowed Progress

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