The Convert Experiences Primer for Advanced Testing

How to Test like a Pro with Granular Targeting, Revenue Tracking, One Page Testing and More.

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If you are evaluating testing tools and need a platform that can support ambitious hypotheses, look no further.

Convert Experiences is the preferred optimization solution of some of the best CRO agencies in the world. And lifts that make case studies memorable don’t happen with just a pretty interface!

That’s why we have packed a punch with our advanced testing options.

This primer is an ideal starting point for your deep dive into the Convert back-end.

Take a look at why we don’t flicker, how you can track revenue accurately and what goes into one-page testing that works.


No nasty surprises. Understand how Convert Experiences will work on your site and why we don’t flicker, despite being one of the fastest tools out there.


11 Javascript variables that you can use to identify and target almost any unique action or visitor. Out of the box testing starts here.


Claudiu Rogoveanu

Claudiu Rogoveanu, CTO @ Convert

Claudiu is the coding grit powering the Convert Experiences platform. He knows more about the tool’s back-end than anyone else on the team.

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