Climate Neutral

Happy Earth Day 2020!

Proud to be 100% Climate Neutral Certified!

This means we have measured, reduced, and offset our entire carbon footprint for 2019.

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Conscious Business At Convert

Leading by example is the way to be the change you wish to see in this world. In our daily operations we decide to put our social, economic and product missions at the fore. We believe in creating a sustainable, ethical world where we treat everyone with respect and honesty.

Our Product Mission

How we treat those who use our product

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Our Economic Mission

When we place the greater good before our profits

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Our Social Mission

What we do to do good for the world.

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How we treat those who use our product

Product Mission
  • Our product is engineered to be “Privacy by Design
  • We don’t poach customers from our Agency partners
  • Transparency in pricing is in our DNA
  • We will always respect customer choice for plan upgrades. Don't want to upgrade to the latest plan? You don't have to. Continue enjoying your original pricing and features


When we place the greater good before our profits

  • We provide discounts to NGO’s
  • We will not work with entities that are contrary to encouraging diversity and tolerance, animal welfare or with those that sell weapons.
  • More information is here "Non Aligned Areas"
Economic Mission
South Pole
Helps International
Cocos Animal
Startup Weekend
Paque La Ceiba
13 Climate Action


What we do to do good for the world

Convert Team in Parque La Ceiba
  • We are 100% carbon positive for 2019 as certified by Climate Neutral
  • We achieved 15x carbon positive status for 2018 as audited by South Pole
  • Volunteer in local communities where our members are located
  • Support women and young people in tech
  • Carbon neutral hosting environment
  • Signed Greenpeace’s letter to the Amazon board to support a more energy transparent Amazon AWS


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