AI Playbook for Research, CRO and Experimentation

The first AI playbook made by Experimenters, for Experimenters - with over 3,000 hours of research, we’ve discovered what works and doesn’t.

  • Made for Product & Experimentation teams: Practical playbooks for Research, Discovery, Problem Statements, Ideas, Hypotheses, Copywriting, and more.

  • No Experience Required: Easy-to-follow guides that level up skills across CRO, UX and Product teams.

  • Your AI Workout: By practicing these playbooks, you acquire strategies to apply to your workflows.

  • Augment, not Replace: Let AI be your collaborator - enhance your insights, productivity and intelligence.


hours of research and build work


hours testing with real datasets


prompts and tips to bootstrap your workflow

Zero annoying follow-ups. We won’t harass you with calls or emails!

Created By

Marcella Sullivan

Marcella Sullivan

Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan

Iqbal Ali

Iqbal Ali

Johann Van Tonder

Johann Van Tonder

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Industry experts say

Prompts, frameworks and tools for every aspect of your experimentation program

#1 reason you haven’t aced AI yet!

Where do you start?... What tools should you use?... What’s hype and what’s reality?...

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