Looking for A/B Testing Tools (Free)?

There is plenty of free A/B testing software out there and if you are looking to A/B test on low volume and get a hosted solution or on high volumes and get A/B testing tools free by choosing open-source A/B testing tools (free) this overview will help.

These are the four A/B testing tools we suggest:

  • Google Analytics Content Experiments a free bandit testing tool inside Google Analytics. You can activate up to five variations using a split URL tester. Your results will be visible inside Analytics reporting.
  • Amazon’s mobile app A/B testing tool. This tool targetings mobile apps with many users but there is no reason a small team couldn’t use it as well. It currently supports iOS, Android and Amazon apps.
  • Switchboard. An open-source A/B testing tool (free). It allows you to segment users based on UDID, and it works when users are offline (handy for apps).
  • Abba is another free open-source Javascript A/B testing tool. It has simple features that are enough for running basic tests.

All four options are different types of A/B testing tools free. It is always great to have free A/B testing software at hand when your developers have nothing to do, and you prefer to self-host everything. Understand that free is not alway free, consider development time as a valuable asset and the entire project might be important enough to warrant a paid service. If you are interested in trying A/B testing,


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