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A/B Test Duration Calculator


A/B testing and split testing are two of the most powerful solutions for increasing website conversions.

Depending on traffic, data-driven businesses with one to four variations can choose A/B testing to determine a winner or if more variations are required, they can go with multivariate test.

This A/B Test Calculator makes it easy to:

  • Find out when your results are statistically significant.
  • Find the number of visitors needed for a confidence between 80% and 97.5%
  • Find the number of variations you can test with a specific number of visitors.

To analyze your test, simply enter the number of visitors and conversions for each of your variations and click “Calculate”.

The calculator (on the left) allows you to determine maximum duration (in days) for which the test should be run, as well as the number of visitors needed to get statistical confidence for the validity of your test.

This combination of visitors and test durations allows this tool to function as a Multivariate (MVT) duration calculator, Split URL Test duration as well as an A/B Test visitor calculator and Split URL Test calculator.

Increase Your Conversions through A/B Testing

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