Hypothesis Generation Toolkit: Identify What to Test,
like a Data Scientist

Forget automatic hypothesis generators. Grab custom Google Analytics reports, segments, and an all-in-one spreadsheet to focus on your most profitable optimization ideas.

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Testing ideas that never seem to get the conversion lifts you want?

Wish you had a data scientist on the team?

HIPPO (Highest-Paid-Person’s-Opinion) derailing your optimization efforts?

A robust hypothesis based on data (and not on gut instinct) is the key to profitable testing.

And with this toolkit, you can take your first, easy step towards data driven decision-making.

We’ve compiled actionable resources that will point you in the direction of ideas that will actually eliminate the conversion roadblocks your traffic faces.


Most marketers use Google Analytics. Your team does too. Supercharge the effectiveness of your Analytics account with 6 custom segments and 4 custom reports that you can set-up/import right away to define your best marketing strategies, your most effective content and your biggest acquisition opportunities.


Fancy tools and dashboards are great. But sometimes simple works just as well. We’ve created a spreadsheet that will help you gather your qualitative and quantitative insights in one place, prioritize ideas and frame a hypothesis that is worth investing your time in.


Andra Baragan

Andra Baragan, Founder @ Ontrack Digital

Andra is an experienced conversion optimization specialist and a certified Data Analyst and Optimizer. She has worked with over 60 online businesses and has brought 6 figures in increased revenue for them

You Don’t Need a Data Scientist to Craft Winning Hypothesis. All You Need is a Solid Start. Make One.

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