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If your business deals with data—GDPR has changed the way you sell, operate, and market.

Maybe you need your data mapped. Maybe you need a full Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Maybe you just don’t have a way to erase, or anonymize your data—and are looking for a tool to help you out.

Whatever it is that you need help with, start here – at this carefully curated list prepared by Convert’s CEO and vocal privacy influencer Dennis van der Heijden.

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We don’t claim that this is a complete list. But nothing else online comes even close. We’ve covered the who’s who of data privacy & organizational security.


Be it pricing, be it the availability of a free trial, be it the actual features - effortlessly sort the list by 14 key criteria that are top of mind for any business.


Dennis van der Heijden

Dennis van der Heijden, CEO @ Convert

Dennis is a vocal proponent of privacy in testing and a community builder who loves bringing knowledge from different sources to Convert’s tribe.

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