#AgencyAccelerator Webinar


Three (Ridiculously) Effective Ways Marketers Can Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Actionable tips to drive down CAC, and help your business thrive!

Laura Stude

co-founder at surefoot

Laura Stude

Laura Stude is the co-founder of surefoot, a techie by skill and a people’s person at heart. With the solid experience of leading optimization at Hillary Clinton’s campaign, she and the team at surefoot help brands like Peak Design increase revenue through A/B testing.


Duration: 30 Minutes with Q&A

If you’re a good marketer, you think beyond leads and optimize channels that get actual customers.

If you’re a kick-ass marketer, you optimize for reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) to make the most of those channels!

In this episode of the #AgencyAccelerator webinar series we have CRO veteran Laura Stude of surefoot sharing her top three (ridiculously) effective ways to drive down CAC.

Live Q&A included. Replay available.

Register only if you’re interested in being the marketer who makes the budget work and blows away the C-suite with the monthly numbers.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to get to know your customers so well, you get invited to their weddings
  2. 3 strategies for building better landing pages that convert higher
  3. 5 marketing automation strategies to save money and increase efficiency

This webinar is hosted by Convert + surefoot

Get More Customers in Your Existing Budget. Join Us!

EPISODE #18: Three (Ridiculously) Effective Ways Marketers Can Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

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