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Tim Zuidgeest
FREE webinar with Tim Zuidgeest - Co-founder @ ST&T Research

Neuromarketing: Subconscious Forces that Make Audience Convert


Duration: 1 hr
Hashtag: #AgencyAccelerator

Tim Zuidgeest can read your mind.

He can read your customer’s minds (literally) .

And he’s going to show you how to do that too.

Him and his team at ST&T, use brain imaging to record how audiences respond to advertising, websites, and store environments. That, coupled with eye tracking, biometric analysis, emotional recognition, and behavior experimentation—create their unique approach to “neuromarketing.”

Neuromarketing means eliminating the guesswork. It means truly learning what pushes the “buy button” in your customer’s brain.

It means letting your experiments be guided by the same things that guide your users—and that’s what he’ll teach you how to do in this webinar.


  • An EEG neuromarketing brain scan in action—and the unexpected results from A/B tests based on neuro-scans.
  • What real, effective, neuromarketing looks like—and how you can use it to fuel your CRO efforts.
  • How you can use neuromarketing to create a stronger hypothesis—one that lines up with your users subconscious desires and anxieties.

You’re sick of having webinars thrown at you from every company you’ve ever opted into an email from.

You’re tired of hearing the same old CRO advice regurgitated, over and over again, citing inflated numbers from unsubstantiated case studies.

We know.

We’ve been there.

And despite our webinar fatigue: we’ve got to be honest, we’re really, really excited about these talks.

We know you’re not going to give up your lunch break to learn—yet again—that sliders are ineffective or your forms should have less fields.

But we hope you’ll take under an hour to learn about some truly groundbreaking ideas about how your customers tick.

Your Presenters

Tim Zuidgeest

Tim Zuidgeest

Co-founder of ST&T Research

Tim Zuidgeest is a consumer psychologist and co-founder of ST&T Research. He believes that smart marketing comes down to asking the right questions, and asking the right questions comes down to knowing how your users think. At ST&T he’s big helped brands like Heineken and Nutricia get unprecedented insight into what makes their users press “buy.”


CEO of Convert

The CEO of Convert, Dennis has years of experience helping CRO agencies accelerate client outcomes and make the most of Convert Experiences - one of the fastest, blink free enterprise A/B Testing tools in the market.

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