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Duration: 0:40 hr.
Hashtag: #ConvertAcademy

Don’t lose billable hours by having to go back and reconfigure your A/B testing tool with a new client. Get it right the first time!

This webinar is focused on agencies that are setting up new clients and want to have a checklist of key steps to implement to ensure the install is smooth and seamless.

This webinar contains valuable information for A/B testing agencies and experts that set up new clients regularly with projects valued over $5,000 USD. In this presentation you will learn how to:

  • Communicate with clients about the expectations of their first winning experiment
  • Communicate with client IT departments about site speed reduction, fall-over plans and security
  • Send the client a best practices clear document with the steps to follow for a smooth and seeamless install
  • Explain the mapping between client templates and your A/B testing tool, to prevent future retagging
  • Verify your project and experiment setup using checklists and Chrome plugins

Join us on the webinar if you have experienced delays in your A/B testing projects forcing you to delay your invoice due to issues that could have been prevented.

This webinar will help you even if you use other A/B Testing tools such as: Adobe Test, Sitespect, Monetate, Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer.

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