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Higher CTR Is Speaking to the Customer with no Added Surprises

Wyatt Ernst

CEO / CRO Consultant at Conversion Consulting

Wyatt Ernst

Wyatt Ernst is CEO / CRO Consultant at Conversion Consulting. He has been focused on internet marketing for over 4 years now. He loves and lives the internet, and works on websites for 10 hours a day. Once he's off the computer, he reads books about psychology and what helps motivate people to make decisions. He has optimized websites like eMusic, OKCupid, ShopAtHome, WarnerBros Music Company, and many others.


Duration: 0:40 hr.

This webinar will demonstrate how businesses use different vocab than their customers. If you are able to speak to your customers the way they understand, you will be able to see higher CTR – (click through rates). And if you learn that every click is an unwritten promise/agreement made between the site and the customer, you’ll be able to fulfill this promise and see an overall lift in your conversions.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Conversion Consulting

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Higher CTR Is Speaking to the Customer with no Added Surprises

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