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Recession Proof CRO: ROI In Rapidly Changing Times

Using optimization & customer journey mapping to drive ROI when nothing is certain.

Jeremy Epperson

VP of Growth at GrowthHit at GrowthHit

Jeremy Epperson

Jeremy has generated over $247M in tracked revenue for CRO clients. He has started or consulted on CRO programs with 114 startups including Zillow, SolarCity, SurveyMonkey, LinkedIn, CuriosityStream, NerdWallet, and MVMT Watches. As a keynote speaker and trainer he has presented over 175 times in 47 states about CRO, Customer Journey Mapping, and Startup Growth. In his free time he is an avid mountain climber and die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan.


The world has changed – drastically.

It’s unlikely that driving more traffic and increasing ad spend will get your business the growth it used to!

Worry not.

There are principles, processes, and strategies that can help you to optimize the customer journey. Putting them in place now can drive more revenue with your current team and traffic, despite the impending recession.

This webinar will teach you these principles and processes, but then will give you actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.

You will see multiple case studies that have generated revenue at every stage of the customer journey. Model these strategies to produce ROI in rapidly changing times.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 6 principles you should focus on during the coming recession to ensure you can optimize your marketing and business.
  • A proven CRO process that has been used by the fastest growing startups to produce $247 million in tracked revenue.
  • A step-by-step customer journey mapping framework that is more than jargon, and ACTUALLY helps you understand who your buyers are.
  • Real life case studies of applying these strategies to a/b testing with Convert to produce wins.

This webinar is hosted by Convert + GrowthHit

Drive ROI, When Nothing is Certain. Join Us!

EPISODE #20: Recession Proof CRO: ROI In Rapidly Changing Times

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