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30,000% ROI: How to Hit This Fabulous Number with Your CRO Program

Simultaneous Divisional Testing has the power to give you real returns that rival the claims of your favorite A/B testing case studies.


EchoLogyx + E-Spares



A/B testing takes time to show returns….

A/B testing for E-commerce is inherently complicated…

Incremental increases are the way to go….

Wisdom and myth have always commingled where optimization is concerned.

In this webinar we are flipping the paradigm on its head.

Tasin Reza of EchoLogyx and Farhan Hussain of E-Spares will walk you through how simultaneous testing on an E-commerce store not only increased efficiency of their CRO program, but also resulted in a 30,000% ROI.

Register now to attend live. Q and A included. Replay available.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Challenges with linear testing and how it can be a bottleneck
  2. Running multiple tests at the same time – the dos and don’ts
  3. Measuring impact with the Power of test results
  4. Increasing ROI by saving cost on execution

This webinar is hosted by Convert + EchoLogyx + E-Spares

Explore the Power of Simultaneous Testing. Join Us!

EPISODE #22: 30,000% ROI: How to Hit This Fabulous Number with Your CRO Program

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