Conversation Analytics® – Sales Calls that Boost Revenue & Improve Rep Performance

Explore how the use of AI in call analytics simplifies lead attribution and closes more deals

Jeremiah Wilson

Founder and President at Convirza and Listenforce

Jeremiah Wilson

Jeremiah Wilson is the Founder and President of Convirza and Listenforce, author of JUMP: Life Beyond Mediocre, and owner of Power Training, a two day leadership course with offices in the U.S and Europe. He founded Convirza almost 20 years ago after inventing a patented call recording device. Since then Jeremiah has been the driving force behind raising over $25M in venture capital funding and growing the company to serve 50,000 customers.


Duration: 20 minutes + Q&A

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, now a single sales call is worth more revenue, improved rep performance, and accurate attribution.

‘Cause Artificial Intelligence is here to the rescue.

A cutting edge technique – Conversation Analytics® – is powering stellar results for the sales teams of the future.

And even proving elusive marketing ROI.

Gauge lead sentiment, determine lead quality and source, pick up on prospect behavior signals and get a customized list of recommended follow-up actions to seal the deal.

All without having to manually monitor conversations!

Join Jeremiah Wilson of Convirza as he shares how Conversation Analytics® unlocks the full potential of your marketing and sales efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Testing ad effectiveness through sales calls
  • Plotting the customer journey with Conversation Analytics®
  • [Agencies] Proving ROI of marketing to clients and stakeholders
  • Learning from sales calls to improve rep performance

This webinar is hosted by Convert + Convirza and Listenforce

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EPISODE #14: Conversation Analytics® – Sales Calls that Boost Revenue & Improve Rep Performance

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